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Some questions we often get asked

How much does a fursuit cost?

There is not a set price for our fursuits as the price depends heavily on the specifics and details of the suit. However, with that said the price of a full suit typically starts from $3250.

How long does it take to finish a fursuit?

Once your project has reached the front of the queue, it usually takes around 2 months for your suit to be completed and shipped to you

How will you ensure I am happy with the final product?

We will always make sure to send you several pictures of your suit before we send it off to you so that it is exactly how you want it when you receive it.

Will my commissions be anonymous?

While we do collect data about our users for the sake of completing the fursuit, we by no means make any of this information public unless we are given written permission by said user, such as to share images of their fursuit on our socials. For more information about your data and how it is used by our site read our privacy policy here

Do I need a reference sheet to commission a fursuit?

Yes, we do not accept any requests that do not include a detailed reference sheet of the user’s fursona. Additionally, the reference sheet has to contain the user’s own original OC (original character), we cannot build other people’s OCs without their permission

Do you make NSFW fursuit projects?

Unfortunately, our team is not comfortable working on any sort of NSFW or mursuit projects, however if there is an addition you want to make to your fursuit and you are unsure if it treads over the line of NSFW feel free to ask!


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