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Who are we?

We are a team of once independent furry artists and fursuit makers who have brought our expertise to one place so that we can make your fursonas a real-life fursuit. Of course, we are only human and we are willing to accept when something is beyond our expertise and we’ll be sure to let you know if it is.

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Prior to joining the Fursonafy creative team, Brad worked for a mascot manufacturer where he would make custom mascot suits and Halloween costumes. Since then, he has become a member of the furry fandom and teamed up with us to pursue making fursuits instead. 

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Emilia is a long-time member of the furry fandom and even started making her first fursuits when she was just 14. She has designed over 60 fursuits in her time with us and that’s excluding fursuits she was making before she joined Fursonafy. 

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Yet another long-time member of the furry fandom, Elijah is one of the few members of the team who joined after stumbling across our site while looking for fursuit sellers. Since he joined us he has worked on countless projects with the team including everything from full digitigrade suits to just fursuit heads. 

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An avid cosplayer and convention-goer, costume design was nothing new to Dylan before joining our creative team. He spent years crafting not only his own but other people’s cosplays for various conventions which included some furry conventions. He then decided to turn his attention solely to fursuit building at which point he teamed up with us. 


What we offer

Fursuit Head

Just the head of your desired fursuit and nothing else

Starting At: $975

Partial Fursuit

The head, tail, two front paws and two hind paws of your desired fursuit

Starting At: $1750

Full Fursuit

The head, tail, bodysuit, front paws, hind paws and any other extra bits of your desired fursuit

Starting At: $3000

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How it works

4 simple steps

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Tell us everything about your fursuit e.g species, fur color, patterns

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We give you an exact cost for the suit as well as the size of the deposit

Join the queue

Once your deposit is paid we add your name to our queue to be completed

Enjoy your fursuit

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Some questions we often get asked

How much does a fursuit cost?

There is not one set price, it depends on the fursuit maker and what you are asking for, but typically full suits cost upwards of $2500.

How long does it take to finish a fursuit?

The length of time it takes to finish a fursuit varies greatly depending on the type of fursuit (partial, full, digitigrade, etc.) as well as the complexity of the commission. However, on average a full suit takes 2-3 months to complete

What if I'm not happy with the final product?

We will always make sure to send you several pictures of your suit before we send it off to you so that it is exactly how you want it when you receive it.

Will my commissions be anonymous?

Yes. Personal data is not collected or shared by our site.


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