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Curious about which animal would make the best fursona for you? Lucky for you, our interactive quiz can help you reveal what you inner fursona truly is. Whether you're cold and calculated, or warm and inviting our algorithm can find the fursona most compatible for you. Start the quiz now!

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Question 1
How would you describe yourself in social settings?
Question 2
What’s your favourite time of day?
Question 3
What word best describes you?
Question 4
How do you like to spend your free time?
Question 5
What trait do you look for most in friends and partners?
Question 6
How quickly can you make new friends?
Question 7
How do you do under pressure?
Question 8
Which would you most prefer to live in?
Question 9
What do you like to eat most?
Question 10
In group projects what role do you prefer to take?

Your Fursona is a

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The canine companion! 🐶

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