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Jennifer Moseby (a.k.a Xege Kheiru)

Jennifer Moesby is an innovative and highly experienced professional in the realm of costume design, with a career spanning over six years in the industry. Initially, Jennifer made her mark by creating intricate costumes for various events and productions. Her exceptional skill set, combined with a deep understanding of materials and an eye for detail, made her the perfect match for Fursonafy.

In recent years, Jennifer has channeled her expertise into the specialized field of fursuits and fursuiting. This niche area allows her to blend her love for vibrant characters with her technical prowess, to build some truly awesome fursuits. Her work in this domain is characterized by its meticulous craftsmanship, innovative designs, and the ability to bring characters to life through wearable art.

Jennifer is better known by her fursona name Xege Kheiru which she writes extensively for Fursonafy under. Her articles, rich with insights and advice, stem from her long-standing presence in the furry fandom. As Xege Kheiru, Jennifer not only shares her technical knowledge but also explores the cultural dimensions of fursuiting.

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