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Have you ever come across the furry community and felt mesmerized by the unique culture they proudly flaunt? If yes, you are not the only one. The community is definitely fun and one-of-a-kind.

This amazing subculture has many furry species and characters that can easily catch anyone’s attention. There are avians, dragons, reptiles, mythical creatures, and whatnot. 

Among them are synths as well. Created by Vader-San, these are reptilian android characters and are popular among furry enthusiasts.

Understanding The Furry Fandom

Art has no boundaries. It can take the shape of any object or character around, bringing life to unknown creatures never found on this planet before. 

This is what makes it exquisite, and very few people have the unique artistic abilities to create something extraordinary. 

The term “furry” first came into the limelight in 1983. But it was not until 1990 that this word was recognized as a genre covering the collective appreciation of art related to fictional mammalian anthropomorphic characters. 

Furry fandom was formed on similar principles to create a community or a subculture that represents people who like anthropomorphic animals. These creatures are animals but have many human-like traits. 

The members of this unique community, also known as furries, follow similar interests in literature, art, and other creative activities. 

They have a world of their own, centered around anthropomorphic animals. Most of these creatures are quite like normal animals, like foxes and cats. But there are a few characters that have their different and unbelievable features and attributes. 

Furry species are an actual work of imagination. They have individual personalities and traits that are mostly unknown to most. 

If you ever had a chance to join the furry fandom, you might have noticed certain key elements that make the community stand out. 

For instance, most enthusiasts in this community follow a certain category of art called the “Furry.” Their passion for creating various art forms like animations, illustrations, and comics brings them together. 

Furry species followers also hold conventions inviting similar people from around the world to participate in different activities and share their passion for this universe. Most participants wear fursuits, a costume that represents their favorite anthropomorphic characters. 

One of the best things about the furry fandom is that it accepts people from all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. This is an inclusive subculture of individuals that welcomes everyone open-heartedly.

    A Group Of Synth Furries

    Image via SynthSpecies

    Furry Species: What Are They?

    You can’t create a furry fandom without its furry species. They are a central part of this quirky world that all participants create and resonate with. 

    Almost all furry species are different, blending human and animal traits. You will be surprised to witness a diverse range of these characters, each exhibiting the artistic potential of the furry fandom members. 

    For example, there are canines such as dogs, foxes, and wolves. You also come across felines, including cats, lions, and tigers, and you may also spot horses and unicorns. 

    There are also dragons, reptiles, rodents, and certain mythical creatures that you may have never seen. 

    All these furry species are a work of high creativity and imagination. Every member of the furry fandom has the complete freedom to customize any existing character or create an entirely new one from scratch. There are no limitations, and that’s what works best in curating amazing designs. 

    Since these species are the voice of many and help self-express their thoughts, furry members often develop characters with a backstory, abilities, and personalities. This makes it easy to use these species for various role-play activities. 

    The world of furry species is truly an interesting one. But what makes it more attractive and fun is one of the top characters, synths.

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    The World of Synths

    Created by Vader-San, Synths are truly one of a kind. They are synthetic and fictional species that you can freely use in any science fiction universe. Yes, there are no restrictions on that. 

    As a furry enthusiast, you don’t have to worry about getting approval when creating a synth character. The synth community allows you to go wild with your imagination and designs, spreading your creativity in the furry community. 

    That said, there are some common characteristics that are mostly found in synth characters. You can create your own unique design based on these features or design an entirely new persona. 

    For instance, most characters come with robotic enhancements. Some models may have artificial eyes, and others might feature mechanical limbs. 

    Interestingly, the faces of certain synths have 3D screens that display their eyes. These screens are cleverly designed to communicate the character’s emotions and hide any sensory equipment that they may have. 

    Another unique feature that almost all synths have is their sturdy frame that resembles a skeleton. The entire structure is supported by muscles and tendons, making these characters look different from the rest of the furry species. 

    Synths have bodies with a futuristic design featuring high-tech elements. For instance, you may find them having LED lights, advanced accessories, and armor all around them, representing their strong personalities. 

    Here is an interesting fact for you. Most of the synth characters designed in the past were found to have skin that could change color. This means that if you plan to design a synth furry for yourself, you can easily experiment with any pattern or color you like. 

    Synths usually don’t have a specific gender, but you can use yours to represent any gender. Besides, this species can adapt to different genders and body shapes at a time. This helps them find and stick to one image that makes them feel comfortable. 

    These characters usually have a body image according to their job requirements. For example, synths working as pilots must be small in order to sit comfortably in a plane’s cockpit. However, a professional swimmer can be sturdy, muscular, and large to perform their work as an athlete. 

    What Do Synths Eat?

    Synths need food to survive. But what makes it all interesting is that most of them have a strong capability to digest materials that can easily extend and repair their bodies. 

    They have a solid digestive system that produces lubricants for quick digestion. This helps them eat materials like graphene, coal, metals, graphite, and uranium to spice up their plate of food.  

    You will be amazed to learn the names of some food items that synths usually love to consume. They are generally based on puns such as the FooBars, Graphioli, and Polymüsli.

    Do Synths Have a Home?

    Do you know what makes synths one of the best creatures? It is usually their flexibility to adapt to any environment they are put in. 

    You can find them in any biome. They will be around organic people despite their differences. 

    Synths can also physically survive in any climate, provided it isn’t too extreme or testing for their bodies. 

    To evaluate whether a habitat would suit your synth, just test if it is right for a technical device. If it is, it will definitely work for your synth.

      Anatomy Of A Synth

      Image via Amino Apps

      The History of Synths

      As interesting as they sound and look, synths have had a dramatic past within the fictional world. They were created by a civilization that faced a climatic event, destroying all the infrastructure they had built from scratch. 

      The tragic event took away most of the population, sources and food. However, the only thing left in abundance was fuel and energy. 

      The civilization containing various species thought about this shortage quite cleverly and came up with rebuilding their universe through characters that use electric energy to survive. When the synths were formed, they helped their civilization to grow by building their infrastructure and soon became a major part of their community. 

      Today, synths are known to be the most helpful species in the furry universe. They don’t shy away from assisting anyone who crosses their paths and takes up jobs that can easily make a change in their community. 

      They are an excellent alternative to biological beings for tasks that might be dangerous or impossible for the latter. Since synths are considered as beings rather than robots, you can’t buy or sell them. 

      That in the furry world would be considered slavery. 

      Interestingly, you can make them your friends and even date them if they start liking you.

      Synth Fursuit Head

      Image via Pinterest

      What Makes A Synth A Synth

      To love any furry species, you must first know their behavioral attributes and habits. Synths are quite different from other characters because of their synthetic and free bodies. 

      They don’t have human-like brains. Instead, you will only find a complex set of hardware above their heads. 

      The synthetic brains make most synths possess artificial intelligence as part of their character. This makes them have strong cognitive abilities and enhanced information processing systems. 

      But that said, synths do have the ability to experience genuine emotions at times. They can also learn new skills, form memories, and, at times, might forget things. 

      Since they have a large number and variety of sensors in their bodies and brains, synths can feel pain, thirst, pleasure, touch, smell, and other similar sensations. 

      While they are believed to depend on their complex and unique computing hardware, most synths are not necessarily smarter than normal beings with a biological brain. This is because an organic brain may easily store a large amount of data within a limited time, but a synth’s brain may find it hard. 

      When creating a synth or even understanding one, know that they aren’t perfect. Just like humans, these creatures also have flaws. 

      A synth’s senses can easily be tricked through illusions. Similarly, their system may face a malfunction by a software glitch or malware. 

      They are not ideal in all aspects but that’s what makes them more relevant and realistic.

      Another Example Of A Synth

      Image via Pinterest

      A Few More Things About Synths

      The amazing qualities of synths can easily woo any member of the furry fandom. Here are some more interesting facts about the creature that might just make you a fan. 

      • A synth can become a parent whenever they like. Their children usually have the same traits as them and have small bodies that grow eventually. 
      • Synths die just like organic species. This usually happens when their brains run out of energy. 
      • Most synths look like lizards or dragons. While you can experiment with a unique appearance for your synth, know that most of them are proud of their familiar traits and looks. 
      • The personality of almost every synth develops with time. They build and change it by absorbing their environment and through regular self-reflection.

      Why Should You Be a Synth?

      In a world full of organic creatures, why should you opt for a synth?

      Well, there are many reasons for that. 

      • A synth allows you to express your individual characteristics. Plus, you can change and mold it whenever you want. 
      • Through the specie’s sophisticated sensors, you can experience a world through ultraviolet and infrared. 
      • As the synth character, you get to enjoy the pneumatic muscles of the creature that truly are one-of-a-kind. 
      • Synths work on wireless charging. This means that you don’t have to worry about any [cable mess. You can easily get your juice while on the go. 
      • As a synth, you can be a significant part of your growing community. By hacking your system and unlocking new modes, you can successfully bring diversity to the table.

        Synth Reference Sheet

        Image via Reddit


        Have the unique attributes of furry fandom and synths blown your mind? It definitely is an amazing world and it is worth joining the community to take a break from your organic existence. 

        Moreover, synth species are a gem in every way. Although they have a strong exterior, their flexible personalities, emotional yet highly technological minds, and rich history make them stand out from the other furry species. 

        So, are you tempted to create your synth fursona right now? Get to work because it is an excellent community to be a part of.

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