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What Is A Furry Book?

Furry literature, also known as anthropomorphic literature, is a genre of fiction that features talking animals or animals with human-like characteristics. The term “furry” is often used to describe the fan community that surrounds this type of literature, which is known for its strong sense of community and shared interests in art, literature and other forms of media. The factors that categorize a novel as “furry” tend to be quite lenient as long as it is a piece of literature that contains an anthropomorphic animal.

In this article, we’re going to be counting down the best pieces of furry literature. These aren’t necessarily stories made within the furry fandom as well (although some of them are) some are just stories that feature characters that would be considered furries by today’s standards. Of course, this is not an objective list and should be taken with a pinch of salt but, say what you will, we believe that these are the 8 best furry books.

Watership Down

Written by Richard Adams, the beloved novel Watership Down is a story that follows a clan of wild rabbits as they go in search of a new home. The main cast of characters, headed by the daring and insightful Hazel, are portrayed as complex individuals, each with their own individual characteristics and obstacles. The English countryside, where the narrative takes place, is portrayed with such vibrancy that it makes the reader feel as if they are right there along with the rabbits on their voyage. The themes of authority, camaraderie, and the importance of having a place to call home are all expertly integrated into the narrative, making the book a thought-provoking and emotionally impactful read. Moreover, the novel’s greatest strength may be the way it portrays the rabbits’ tribulations and successes in a manner that is both understandable to humans and respectful of the animals. Overall, Watership Down is a truly remarkable novel that is sure to stay with readers long after they have finished reading it. It’s a must-read for anyone who loves a good adventure story with a heart.


Brian Jacques crafted an extraordinary fantasy novel, Redwall. The story is set in the imaginary world of Mossflower, in which a troop of woodland creatures, headed by the courageous and principled mouse Matthias, must preserve their home, Redwall Abbey, from the savage rat Cluny and his mob of villains. This novel is an exciting experience that carries the reader on an action-packed, hazardous, and friendly journey. The characters in the book are carefully depicted, each with their own distinct personalities and motivations, making them appear real. The setting of Redwall is depicted with beauty, and one can almost feel the moist moss and hear the birds singing. The ideas of bravery, fidelity, and the necessity of companionship are skilfully assimilated in the plot, making it an intellectually stimulating and emotionally strong read. One of the most impressive features of the book is its capacity to portray the struggles and successes of the animals in a way that is both understandable to humans and shows respect to the creatures. Ultimately, Redwall is an extraordinary novel that will stay with readers once they’ve finished it. It’s an absolute must-read for any individual who is a fan of a good fantasy story that has a lot of soul.

The Plague Dogs

Richard Adams’ gripping sequel to Watership Down; The Plague Dogs is a compelling read that examines the intricate relationship between humans and animals, as well as the moral dilemmas related to animal experimentation. The two protagonists of the book, Snitter, and Rowf, are expertly developed characters that are easy to empathize with, making it impossible for readers to not root for them. The novel is set in the English countryside, which is depicted in vivid detail, allowing the reader to feel as if they are on a journey with the dogs. Adams explores themes such as freedom, survival, and the human obligation towards animals in a way that is both profound and emotionally charged. The book gives a distinct picture of the viewpoint of dogs and the way they understand the world, making it an extraordinary and stirring read. All in all, The Plague Dogs is an outstanding work of fiction that will linger in the minds of readers even after they have finished. It is essential reading for those who enjoy a good tale with emotional depth and are intrigued by animal rights and moral matters.

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Kyell Gold’s Waterways is an incredibly written piece that is filled with contemplation. This novel follows Korey and Samaki’s adventure as they face the difficulties of being homosexual in a traditionalist environment. The book is a moving and poignant read that delves into love, self-perception, and recognition. The characters in the book are very affable and realistic, making it easy for the reader to bond with them. The small American town that is depicted in the novel is described in a vivid manner, giving the readers a sense of being with the characters. The ideas of self-discovery, growing up, and being true to oneself are all discussed in a way that is both reflective and emotionally powerful. The writing style of the book is outstanding, incorporating the right amount of comedy, romance, and tension. It accurately portrays the difficult situations the characters go through, while also being empathetic toward the LGBTQ+ community. All in all, Waterways is a fantastic book that will stay with readers for a long time. It is an absolute must-read for all who enjoy a captivating coming-of-age story and appreciate LGBTQ+ representation in literature.


Tempe O’Kun’s Windfall is a book that portrays the bond between Max and Kylie, who had grown close while collaborating on a local TV program that gets canceled, and their journey of going their own ways. It illustrates the concepts of companionship, drifting away, and the potential of one-sided love.


One of the strong points of Windfall is its realistic and sympathetic representation of Max and Kylie’s relationship. The characters are detailed and the reader cannot help but be invested in the narrative. The storyteller skilfully narrates how people can drift apart and how it can modify somebody’s outlook on life.


The book likewise talks about the subject of one-sided love, as the characters grapple with their emotions for each other and speculate whether their relationship was more than friendship. The author deals with these topics with sensitivity and subtlety, making it a relatable and insightful read.


This book is set in a small community known as Windfall, which is a representation of the notion of transformation and the challenge of adjusting to a different setting. The narrative is captivating and thought-provoking, as it skillfully delves into the intricacies of relationships, drifting apart, and unrequited love. For those who like stories about companionship and self-exploration, this novel is a must-read.


Alan Dean Foster’s novel Spellsinger is an exciting and enthralling tale of fantasy that submerges its readers into a lavish and enchanting universe. Jonathan Thomas Meriweather, the main protagonist, is transported to a distinct dimension, where magical creatures and sorcery are a reality. As he attempts to adjust to his new environment, Jonathan must use his insight and knowledge to confront the difficulties and dangers he will face.


What makes Spellsinger such an absorbing read is the way it unites aspects of science fiction and fantasy. The parallel realm Jonathan is sent to is an elaborate and thoroughly realized world with its own heritage, cultures, and politics. Foster has created a totally absorbing and believable fantasy land that will fascinate readers from the beginning to the end.

One of the novel’s assets is its main character, Jonathan. He is a multifaceted, dynamic figure who is effortless to empathize with as he encounters the numerous predicaments that come his way. The author has performed a remarkable job in building a character that readers will be invested in and want to see thrive.


All in all, Spellsinger is a marvelous and captivating fantasy novel that will send readers to an enchanting realm full of excitement, danger, and awe. It is an essential read for those who love fantasy and science fiction and is certain to be remembered as a classic in the genre.

A Whisper Of Wings

Pauli Kidd’s A Whisper of Wings is an intriguingly crafted novel that delves into the complex, enigmatic realm of angels and their influence on human lives. The plot focuses on Seraphine, an angel sent down to Earth to help a young female, Lark, battle her difficulties. Simultaneously, Seraphine must confront her own past and accept her presence. 


What makes A Whisper of Wings such an influential and remarkable work of fiction is the way Kidd is capable of expressing the grandeur and poise of the heavenly beings with her poetic and provocative writing.


The book is remarkable in how it deals with fundamental spiritual and philosophical questions, such as the essence of good and bad, the meaning of life, and the potency of love and trust. Kidd demonstrates a sure-handed and comprehensive comprehension of the human condition in addressing these intricate matters, making A Whisper of Wings a novel that will be appreciated by readers of any age or background.


In sum, A Whisper of Wings is a splendidly composed and profoundly moving work that will leave a lasting effect on the reader. It is a compelling and thought-provoking examination of the spiritual realm and the role of angels in our lives and is guaranteed to become beloved in the literary genre.

Animal Farm

This one might seem like a bit of a stretch for the definition of a furry novel but it is just too good to not include. George Orwell’s renowned work of literature, Animal Farm, published in 1945, is a political allegory of the Russian Revolution and the early Soviet Union. The book is narrated from the point of view of the creatures living on a farm, who cast off their human master and attempt to manage the farm on their own. 

The book’s great strength is in its capacity to succinctly express intricate political notions in a comprehensible and relatable form. The animals in the story symbolize distinctive political convictions and their associations with each other shed light on the potential of deceit and direction in any society. Furthermore, the novel serves as a fearful warning about the perils of obediently following a leader, and the value of being discerning and disagreeing with authority.

The writing style in Animal Farm is straightforward, yet it holds a multitude of meaningful messages and topics. It is able to express complicated political concepts in a clear and stimulating way. The narrative is both amusing and heartbreaking, and the finale leaves a lasting impression on the reader. To sum up, Animal Farm is an excellent and thought-provoking novel that everyone who is interested in politics and history should read. It is a timeless classic that is still pertinent nowadays. The book’s ability to explain complex political thoughts in a simple and understandable manner makes it a great read for all ages. It is a captivating story that will linger in the reader’s mind long after they have finished it.

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