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In recent times, the online world has seen the rise of many unique groups. Two of these, Therians and Furries, are especially interesting. They are known for their lively expressions and deep interests. Therians and Furries might seem similar to someone seeing them for the first time. But, when we look closely, we find substantial differences.


This article looks into the worlds of Therians and Furries. We will explore what sets these communities apart. We will also explore their beliefs, activities, and how they see themselves.

What Are Therians?

Therians are unique and are often not well understood by others. They have a deep connection with non-human animals. This is a vital part of their identity, not just a hobby.


They come from varied backgrounds. Therians’ beliefs mix spirituality, mythology, and personal thoughts. It differs from the Furry fandom, which is more about enjoying art and characters. For Therians, it’s a personal experience. They feel connected to an animal, known as their theriotype.


This connection varies among Therians. Some feel a spiritual link that gives them a deep understanding and sense of belonging to their theriotype. Others experience it more as a psychological aspect. It affects how they see the world and interact with others.

    Image of Toru Ueda, a Wolf Therian

    Image via New York Post

    It’s important to know that Therians understand they are human. They don’t deny their human side. Instead, they acknowledge an animal-like aspect in themselves.

    Community is key for Therians. Even though their experience is personal, connecting with others is essential. They use online forums, social media, and meet-ups. Here, they can share their thoughts and find support.

      What Are Furries?

      Furries are part of a lively and creative group. They are fans of animal characters that act like humans. This interest goes beyond just liking these characters. It’s a way for them to express themselves and be part of a community.


      The furry community started in the 1980s. It grew from science fiction fan groups. Now, it’s a unique group. They enjoy art, stories, and performances about animals with human traits. People from all sorts of backgrounds are welcome in this community.


      A crucial part of being a Furry is creating a ‘fursona’. This is an animal character that represents them. It’s a creative process. People make characters that show their personalities or dreams. This isn’t just for fun. It’s a way to explore and show who they are.


      Art is essential in the furry world. It includes costumes, drawings, writings, and digital art. Wearing costumes, or ‘fursuiting’, is popular. Only some people do it, though. These costumes are special. They are made to show each person’s unique character.


      Furries also like to meet and socialise. They have conventions and meet-ups around the world. These events are more than just fun. They are a chance to make friends, learn, and support each other.

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      Key Differences Between Therians and Furries

      Therians and Furries have noteworthy differences. These shape their unique identities and cultural practices.


      The main difference is how they connect with animals. Therians feel a deep, sometimes spiritual, link with a particular animal. This feeling is a big part of who they are. They don’t just choose an animal they like. They often feel they are that animal in some way. This affects their beliefs and how they see the world.


      Furries, however, are fans of animals with human traits. Their interest is more about being fans and expressing themselves artistically. They create and interact with these characters. This includes art, stories, and costumes. For many, their ‘fursona’ is a creative project. It’s a way to be part of the furry community, not a deep identity.

      Lynx Therian With Homemade Lynx Mask

      Image via Reddit

      How they show their identity is also different. For Therians, it’s often something they feel inside. They might not show it much in their daily life. But it profoundly affects how they think and feel. Furries, on the other hand, show their interest in more visible ways. This includes drawing, writing, and wearing animal costumes, known as fursuits.

      The way they come together as communities is different, too. The furry community likes large social events. They have conventions and meet-ups. Here, they celebrate their love for anthropomorphic art and culture. These events are big and public. They have lots of activities related to furries. 

      Therians, on the other hand, are more spread out. They don’t gather in large groups as much. They mostly talk online or meet in small, personal groups.

        Similarities Between Therians and Furries

        Therians and Furries are different in many ways. But they also share some similarities. Understanding these can help us see the bigger picture of these groups.


        Both groups have a strong interest in animals. Therians feel a deep connection with a specific animal. Furries love creating and acting as animal characters with human traits. This love for animal personas is something they have in common.


        They also use the internet a lot for their communities. Both Therians and Furries use online forums and social media. These places let them talk, share experiences, and support each other. They offer a safe space for members to be themselves.


        A Pair of Fursuiters (Not Therians)

        Image via Reddit

        Both groups often get misunderstood. The media sometimes shows them in a bad light. It leads to people getting the wrong idea about them. Both Therians and Furries want people to understand them better. They work to correct these misunderstandings.

        Creativity and expressing oneself are crucial to both groups. Furries often show this through art and costumes. Therians express it through their animal identities. Even though they do it differently, they both value self-expression.

        Lastly, both groups are known for being supportive of each other. They understand and respect each other’s unique views and experiences. This creates a friendly and accepting environment. It lets people explore who they are without being judged.


        Are You a Therian or a Furry – How Do You Tell the Difference?

        Therians and Furries are rather distinct. Both groups love animal personas. But they are different in significant ways. Knowing the signs can help you see where you fit in.


        Signs You Might Be a Therian

        Identifying as a Therian is a profoundly personal experience, characterised by specific feelings and perspectives distinguishing Therians from other groups. If you’re exploring the possibility of being a Therian, here are some common signs and experiences within the Therian community.

        • Deep Animal Connection

        Your most vital sign of being a Therian might be an intense, inherent connection to a specific animal. This goes beyond simply favouring an animal or admiring it. It’s about feeling a deep link where this animal seems like an essential part of who you are. It’s as if a bond ties your very essence to this animal.

        • Spiritual and Emotional Bonds

        In your experience as a Therian, this connection isn’t just emotional; it’s also often spiritual. You might find yourself feeling a bond with your theriotype that resonates on a much deeper level. This is more than just liking or being interested in an animal. It’s like feeling a sense of kinship or having a profound understanding and empathy towards the animal you identify with.

        • Internal Experiences and Perspectives

        As a Therian, you probably experience your animal identity more internally. This could include instinctual behaviours, thought patterns, or emotional responses that align with your theriotype. It’s like your internal wiring or mindset is significantly similar to the animal you identify with.

        • Shifts in Self-Perception

        You might be familiar with ‘shifting’, a common aspect among Therians. Shifting is when you feel a stronger connection to your theriotype. It might appear as a psychological shift, where your mindset or perception aligns closely with your animal identity.


        Sometimes, you might experience phantom shifts. This is when you feel sensations of having non-human physical traits, like tails or wings. These traits aren’t physically present but feel very real to you.

        • Finding Belonging in Therian Communities

        Participating in Therian communities, be it online forums or in-person meet-ups, and feeling connected with these groups is another indicator. When you engage with others who have similar experiences and feelings, it often helps in affirming and understanding your Therian identity. These spaces can give you a sense of validation and belonging you might not find elsewhere.

        • Personal Reflection and Discovery

        Your journey to recognising yourself as a Therian likely involves a lot of self-reflection and exploration. It’s a deeply personal journey that may change and grow as you delve deeper into this aspect of your identity. It’s about questioning, exploring different parts of yourself, and seeking a deeper understanding of this inner animalistic connection.

        Another Pair of Fursuiters

        Image via SkyeHighStudios

        Signs You Might Be a Furry

        Understanding if you’re a Furry is more than just liking certain characters. It’s about how you connect with characters that are part animal, part human, and how you express this interest. Let’s look at the detailed signs that could show you’re part of the Furry community.

        • Strong Interest in Human-Like Animal Characters

        You find yourself interested in animals that act and look a bit human. This isn’t just a casual liking. These characters in shows, books, or art hold your attention. You’re drawn to their looks and stories; this interest stays with you.

        • Creating and Connecting with Your Fursona

        A big thing in the Furry world is having a ‘fursona’. This is an animal character you make up to represent yourself. If you’ve made one of these or want to, it’s a big clue. It means you’re getting involved in the Furry community personally.

        • Taking Part in Furry Community Activities

        If you join in activities related to Furries, it’s a clear sign. This could be attending special conventions, talking in online groups, or meeting with other Furries. Being active like this shows you’re more than just a fan.

        • An Interest in Fursuits

        Wearing fursuits is a big part of being a Furry for some people. If you have a fursuit, have tried one on, or want to get one, this could mean you’re a Furry. Fursuits let you bring your fursona into the real world.


        If you’re searching for a place to have a custom fursuit created, Fursonafy is an excellent choice. Our team consists of artists and fursuit makers who used to work independently in the furry community. Now, we’ve joined forces. This way, we can use our skills to turn your fursonas into real-life fursuits.

        • Creating Art or Stories for Furries

        If you make art, write, or do other creative stuff for the Furry community, it’s essential. Many Furries like to make and share things about these human-animal characters. Doing this is a big way to be part of the Furry world.

        • Feeling at Home with Other Furries

        Lastly, it’s a strong hint if you feel you belong in the Furry community. If you find friends and acceptance with other Furries, it shows you might be one of them.


        In this article, we’ve looked at two unique subcultures. Both are often not well understood. Yet, they offer rich insights into how people see themselves and their creativity.


        Learning about these differences and similarities, we better understand how people connect and express themselves. Whether you’re a Therian, a Furry, or just curious, knowing about these communities adds to our understanding of people. It shows us how people can express who they are and what they like.

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