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Have you ever heard about furries or the furry fandom? 

For those who don’t know, furries are people interested in cartoons or anthropomorphic animals. Furries closely relate to the furry animals’ traits, features, and other unique attributes.

Furry fandom is more like a subculture that brings people of the same interests together.

Their belief and devotion to the culture are so strong that they often create their own fursonas and fursuits and closely identify with these animals.

What Are Memes?

You might think the culture of memes started after the advent of the internet, but that’s not the case at all.

It may come as a surprise, but memes have always been part of societies and have helped people uplift one another and view life ironically or on a lighter note for years!

Memes are also heavily trending on the internet today, and most of us have actively been part of it in one way or another.

A meme may be a phrase, an image, a GIF, or a video shared across social media as is or with slight alteration. Content-wise, it can be about events, everyday life, cultures, etc.

You can judge a new meme’s impact or how ‘good’ it is based on the speed at which it spreads and, of course, the content. It is bound to get popular if it has something others can relate to or simply gives the audience a break from the real world.

Another thing is that a good meme captures our situation or life, giving it a humorous perspective, and it gives you all that in just a matter of seconds!

So it’s easy to understand, relate to, and laugh at in just a glance.

Good memes are catchy, relatable, and attention-gaining, which makes them fun, easy to remember, and shareable. They often also contain cultural references from movies, songs, TV shows, etc.

Here are some of the key areas the meme may revolve around:

  • Entertainment
  • Ideas or behaviors
  • Humor
  • Emotions
  • Analogies
  • Cultural references
  • Shared experiences

Example of a Furry Meme from Reddit

Image via Reddit

What Makes A Meme A Furry Meme?

As we know, furries share a mutual interest in anthropomorphic animals. They often identify with their traits and create their own identities or fursonas around their favorite animals, like dragons, horses, wolves, etc.

Over time, furries have created their communities, and today, they are present all over the globe and even hold community gatherings where they meet with fellow furries and bond with them.

Ever since furry fandom gained fame and spread its wings globally, there’s also been a sudden increase in furry memes. So, just like other communities, the furries too share memes, especially those that conform to their unique interests.

Thanks to the internet, their popularity is ever-increasing, negatively as well as positively influencing furry fandom all around the globe.

Most of these memes are meant for furries to laugh along with their fellows, but there are still a few made solely to mock them.

A furry meme, hence, is a meme that features a particular character, reference, or theme that concerns furry fandom.

Here are some of the essential elements of a furry meme:

It Features Anthropomorphism

A furry meme includes animals exhibiting traits like us. For example, animals that talk or walk on two legs instead of four, those wearing attire, or displaying thoughts and emotions.

It May Include Famous Furry Characters

Did you know a few specific characters are known to belong and, at times, even represent the furry community? When a meme features these animals, it’s a clear indication that the meme is, in fact, a furry meme.

Most furries identify themselves as dragons, canine, and feline species.

But some also create unique mixed identities for themselves, like “Cabbit” (a mix between a cat and a rabbit) or a “folf” (a combination of a fox and a wolf). So, a furry meme may feature these characters.

Many of these animals or sketches of furries are crafted by renowned artists from the furry community themselves.

A Furry Meme Has Inside Furry Jokes

When a meme includes a reference or humor attributable to furry fandom, it’s called a furry meme.

It may also include an incident based on a convention, the style of a furry character, or anything the furries can relate to.

Then, there are specific artworks the meme may refer to. These are specific to the fury artists and hence fall under the category of furry memes.

It is Posted on Furry Communities

A furry meme may be shared and even circulated from a furry community. The members of the fandom will relate strongly to it.

It may also include terminologies or jokes only those belonging to the community can understand.

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Are Furries Just A Meme?

Ask any furry, and they’ll tell you furries are not a joke, a trend, or a fad. Likewise, they aren’t and cannot be confined to memes or jokes only.

Being a furry is a lifestyle for those belonging to the community.

The fans have a very strong interest in animals with human-like characteristics. In fact, the association is so solid that they closely identify as those characters.

In other words, their ideology goes beyond just memes.

They create and auction their furry artwork, participate in social conventions, build online communities, and enjoy roleplaying and listening to or writing about stories of their favorite characters while resonating with them.

It’s a whole community or subculture with a long history. So, while someone outside the fandom may view them as memes or humor, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg for them.

How Furry Memes Help Build the Community

Furries share common interests and relate to one another. That leads to their affiliation with other furries and helps them build a community together.

Here are some of the things furries do to build a strong bond with one another.

  • They invite other furries as they can relate to the jokes, experiences, and inferences.
  • They share memes and other furry content, giving a unique identity to the furry culture.
  • Furry fandom has shared beliefs and experiences often expressed as furry memes.
  • Since memes are a way to express inner thoughts, irony, and humor on a light note, furries create and share these memes.
  • Furry memes also work as a way to expand the community, introducing the concept to a broader audience.
  • Furries also invite discussions and probe into debates that lead to daily reflections on life and the fandom.

Another Furry Meme

Image via Reddit

Where Can I Find Furry Memes?

Memes are ever present all around us in today’s digital age. Wherever there’s a transfer of information or content sharing, you’ll find memes circulating the web.

You can easily find furry memes on various social media platforms, meme sites, and online forums. That means you will likely find content and furry memes in all those places where the furries congregate and gather.

The most common avenues for sharing (and finding) memes include the following.

  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc.
  • Messaging Applications: WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, etc.
  • Communities: Tumblr, Reddit, etc.
  • Others: Online forums, image-sharing sites, discussion boards, etc.

Here are the top places to check out to find unique and funny furry memes.


Reddit is a renowned network of communities. It has people belonging to and associating with different communities, including the furry fandom. 

Here, you’ll find furry memes on specific subreddits dedicated to furry memes, like r/furry and r/FurryMemeTime.


The top social networking site, Twitter, hosts many furries and fandom accounts. The site has over 237.8 million daily active users, per the latest statistics.

You can quickly look up the furry memes on Twitter using #FurryMemes as your hashtag. You may also follow accounts that regularly post content on furries and find furry memes there.


Instagram is a haven for photographers, influencers, and even bloggers. The platform allows people to upload and share videos, pictures, and images with others, connecting with them via likes, comments, and direct messages.

Many furry artists share memes and artwork on the platform using furry hashtags.


It is the largest social media platform today, with over 2.06 billion active daily users. 

Since its founding years (2004), people have been actively using Facebook to create their profiles, connect with friends and family, share content, and create pages and groups.

You’ll find many Facebook groups created by furry fans. Many often share memes relevant to the community in these groups or pages.


YouTube is the largest platform for uploading, viewing, and video sharing. Users can also like/dislike videos, subscribe to different channels, and comment with their thoughts on the platform.

Although YouTube is specifically for videos, the place is a favorite for many furry content creators. They create and share humorous videos or shorts based on furries, adding to the collection of furry memes.


Another great platform for unique personalized content is, of course, TikTok. 

Since it allows users to upload short videos only (maximum length being 10 minutes), it is another excellent avenue for exploring and sharing furry memes and humor.


More of a microblogging platform, Tumblr is another popular place for sharing GIFs, images, text, and videos. 

Furries registered on Tumblr often post memes and content relevant to the community.

Furry Forums and Websites

Then, there are websites and forums dedicated to the fandom. For instance, you can look up websites like

You’ll find content, artwork, and even specific sections for the furry memes here.


Since we are looking for memes here, 9GAG is a must-check-out. The place features as the largest meme community online; you’ll find a vast collection of furry memes here and can add unique and relatable memes to your collection.


Artists in the furry community regularly post memes and related images on DeviantArt as well.

Furry Conventions

Many furry conventions have online communities and forums with threads featuring furry memes. Some of them even have specific sections for humor and furry memes.

Telegram Sticker Packs

There’s also a messaging app called Telegram, which is common amongst avid furries. You can use the app to create unique sticker packs and memes on Telegram channels and groups.

Furry Websites

The furry community also uses some dedicated furry websites to share their memes and content.

Such as

  • Furry Memes
  • FurRag

These websites combine and feature furry memes and other humorous content.

Furry Discord Servers

You can join Furry-themed discord servers, connect with furry fans, and find memes shared on the channel as well.

Less Common Avenues to Lookup Furry Memes

Then, there are some less common or known places to find furry memes. These include the following.


Some imageboard websites, like 4chan, have specific subsections for furries-related content and memes.


Many furry creators also host podcasts and live streaming. They often share humorous jokes and memes on air to keep the audience interested. 

You can find these podcasts on YouTube and Twitch.

Furry Apps

Many mobile apps have been created explicitly for the furry community and have meme-sharing options and features.

You can also look up threads on apps like Fur Affinity and FurryLife Online, where members often share GIFs and comments that count as furry memes. You can find these apps on the Play Store or Apple Store.

One point to note here is that furry communities keep changing and evolving with time. So, never mock or start a negative conversation on these platforms.

You need to stick to the rules and respect the different opinions, thoughts, and feelings of all those belonging to these communities, especially if you wish to find quality content.

One More Furry Meme From Reddit

Image via Reddit

Wrap Up

There’s no preset format or rule for classifying memes or, precisely, furry memes. But some characteristics, like those memes featuring anthropomorphic characters or animals, can be distinguished as furry memes.

They may even combine images and text with puns or include humor-intended phrases.

Furry Memes have been part of the furry fandom for decades. Since the community is alive and ever-creative, the memes will likely keep coming and being shared across the board, firmly binding the furry subculture.

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