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If you already have your fursona, a truesona is just a level ahead of it. The concept is pretty much the same as fursona, but the personification isn’t an alter-ego of the creator. Instead, a truesona closely and realistically resembles its creator in many physical aspects. This means if your fursona is your exact representation, it’s actually your truesona. 

Truesona is all about body positivity! People first draw their fursona and then make it exactly like themselves in terms of body type, unique features, marks, scars, etc. The purpose is to own yourself and how you look and be confident in showing it to the world.

Let’s explore truesona, its history, its defining characteristics, and how to make one yourself. We will also discover its importance in the furry fandom — call this a “Comprehensive Guide to Truesonas.”

Truesonas: When It All Started

Urban Dictionary accepted the term “truesona” as an actual word on Oct 21, 2021, but its history dates back to the early 2010s. In 2012, we saw the first usage of truesona on Furaffinity, where a user, “KitaraSoftpaw,” published their artwork as “Truesona Clothing Designs ~ XiaoMao Mashe ~ Celyn” on Apr 26. 

However, truesona didn’t become mainstream at that time. Furaffinity only revealed a few searches being made for the term during 2012-2018. Things picked up pace in the late 2010s when a bigger truesona movement started on Twitter as “body positivity.” The term’s usage skyrocketed within a few days, and many artworks were published online. 

Some fantastic examples of truesona artwork are “Sew3r-Gat0r’s journal entry” on DeviantART on Mar 15, 2016, and “f__ern’s post” on Twitter on Dec 2, 2019. The former artwork included a meme-like questionnaire, asking users whether they have an OC, and if they do, they must list their favorite truesona/fursona below. Sew3r-Gat0r called truesonas and fursonas the same thing.

The f__ern’s post on Twitter consisted of a photo of their truesona, which was actually their fursona. That’s when the term became widely popularized in the community. There was another post on Twitter by “SeasideDoe” on Mar 15, 2016, who posted a persona that closely resembled them.

Daisy, Example Of A Truesona

Image via Twitter

Truesona vs. Fursona: What’s the Difference?

Truesona comes from fursona, a portmanteau of “furry” and “persona.” If you’re a beginner trying to grasp things, furries are anthropomorphized avatars, personas, animal characters, alter-egos, or any form of identity a person chooses as their desired representation. So, a fursona is a species with distinctive marks, body features, and a fictitious name. 

Fursonas are as diverse as you can think of. They can be sapient, feral, bipedal, quadruped, covered with clothes, or wearing nothing. The artist or creator decides how their furry will look or how they would like their alter-ego to appear. A fursona too close to the creator (rather than their alter-ego) is called a truesona.  

So, there is not much difference between fursona and truesona except that the latter is the actual representation of the creator. They are both anthropomorphized avatars or animals in the furry fandom.

However, truesona is a relatively new term than fursona. The concept of fursona started in Western society in the 1970s and 1980s when roleplaying games became popular. The live-action multiplayer RPG introduced avatars that players can create and customize on their own. These alter-egos then represent every player in front of others in the game. 

In contrast, truesona’s first usage was in the 2010s when some Twitter users and artists published their artwork on different platforms. We discussed the most popular ones earlier. So simply put, truesonas are fursonas, but it’s a relatively new concept and is the most accurate representation of the artist.

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Why Do People Make Truesonas?

Now that you know what truesonas and fursonas are, the question is: “Why do people make either of them?” 

Here are four reasons why people make truesonas:

  • Be a Part of Furry Communities. Furries have made an online safe place where people from different backgrounds share their truesonas and fursonas to interact with like-minded individuals. There is zero judgment in these groups, allowing people to express their true selves in front freely. You can also make friends who find comfort in portraying themselves as truesonas, just like you.
  • Have A Unique Representation. Who doesn’t want to stand out? Everybody does, but a furry wants it even more! Unlike fursona, a truesona portrays a person more accurately with the tiniest details about their body. Thus, it’s more likely to be unique, something that no one else can have. With the constant growth in the furry community, self-representation is essential, which is why people make their truesonas. In fact, some furries have reference sheets for their truesonas that describe their interests, hobbies, and quirks. 
  • Use Them As a Personal Expression. While the primary purpose of making a truesona is to show it to the world, some people like to keep them private. This means they express their thoughts and imagination with their truesonas without posting or using them in the community. Other people like creating fursonas and truesonas and don’t count themselves furries. For them, these representations are just artwork. 

  • Make Some Extra Cash. Some artists make multiple fursonas and truesonas of themselves for selling purposes. But who buys someone else’s truesonas? These are those people who lack drawing skills but need a fursona that genuinely represents them. While it’s hard to find a truesona that depicts two different persons, many buyers choose the one that defines them the closest. They then make the required changes to transform it into their exact truesonas.

How To Make a Truesona?

A truesona can be any canine, including wolves, foxes, and huskies. Some people also choose felines, dogs, and dragons, but their choice varies depending on their background or demographics. For example, wolves are more popular among heterosexuals, and huskies are common among homosexuals. 

Gender-wise, women typically choose arctic foxes, and men are likelier to opt for red foxes. These are just general findings, not standard rules for making a truesona. So, you can go for any character or animal you think best depicts your personality. 

Many furries also make truesonas out of hybrid species, meaning combining two different animals into one. According to the International Anthropomorphic Research Project, the most popular hybrids include dog/wolf, tiger/wolf, dragon/wolf, fox/wolf, etc. Many were utterly anthro, while ferals were the least popular. 

If you have a knack for creativity, you can pick and customize any anthropomorphic creatures for yourself. Ensure the character has your body shape, marks, and scars at the right spots to make your fursona look truesona. Remember that you’re not creating your alter-ego but your accurate representation. 

The decision to make or post your truesona is yours. You can use your truesona only for yourself or to interact with other furries in the community. As most furries say, your truesona will help you embrace your body, flaws, and all the imperfections. Proudly show it off on online forums like Reddit or Discord servers and engage with other furries!

You can also buy a fursona from others and transform it into your unique truesona. Whatever option you choose, just make sure your truesona looks precisely like you, or it won’t fulfill the purpose of making all those efforts.

Another Truesona

Image via WattPad

Can You Draw Someone Else’s Truesona Without Their Consent?

Making someone else’s fursona without consent has similar risks as drawing someone else’s character without permission. Don’t confuse it with artists making fan art or fursona of someone as a gift. A post on DeviantART discussed this topic openly, asking different furries whether it’s okay to make someone else’s truesona or fursona. 

A user, Sopheirion, posted this question, and the responses gave mixed reactions. Most said drawing someone else’s truesona for gifting or surprising them is fine. In fact, some users said they’d love being surprised by fan art. 

On the other hand, many people bluntly said it isn’t ethical to draw someone else’s fursona without their consent — even if it’s intended for gifting. An artist must always ask for permission and then make it. However, such responses were relatively few. 

In short, gifting a fursona or truesona to someone is widely accepted in the furry or artist communities. But not everyone is comfortable with others, especially strangers, drawing their fursonas without permission. That’s mainly because truesonas are unique and personal for every person, so why would they prefer someone else to intrude on their privacy? 

Some people may also think that the other person is trying to “cash them out” or “using them” for more followers, praise, and popularity in the community. So, as a safe practice, always ask for the other person’s consent before drawing their fursona, especially when you don’t know them personally.

Rhys, The Truesona

Image via Toyhouse

Why Do People Hate Furries?

For many reasons, furries have been receiving hate for a long time. Some people hate them because most furries belong to the LGBTQ community. Meanwhile, others believe that the furry fandom isn’t family-friendly or appealing enough. 

When truesonas became a thing, around the late 2010s, the phrase “Keep Furry Weird” became mainstream. It responded to the Furry Converse Advertisement announced as a Brazilian convention’s sponsor. Many other terms in derogatory language also became popularized later.

Another reason for hatred against furries is their connection with sexuality and erotic fan art. Some people think furries sexualize animals or they want to have sex with them, a practice called zoophilia. And that’s actually true. 

The Furry Survey found that every 1 in 6 furries have accepted that they’re zoophiles. While that’s just a tiny part of the community, zoophilia is a severe crime. Another issue for furries’ hatred is the “murrsuit,” a fursuit that’s specifically designed for having sex with animals. Again, only a fraction of furries do this, but they own it publicly and call it their kink. 

To end this hate, many furries have publicly clarified that they don’t endorse or practice zoophilia. One great example is the “Burned Furs” movement that gathered furries worldwide to disapprove of zoophilia and other sexually-deviant practices. So, as long as you stay away from criminal offenses, there is nothing wrong with becoming a furry.

Cassidy, Truesona Reference Sheet

Image via tumblr.

Should You Make Your Truesona?

As we discussed, being a part of furry fandom isn’t wrong or embarrassing. The same goes for making your fursonas and truesonas and using them to interact with other furries. You’re free to express yourself however you like. But of course, you can’t ignore the ongoing hate around the furries.

People dislike furries, fursonas, and truesonas primarily because of zoophilia, the use of murrsuits, and the overall sexualization of animals. While these practices are rare, they do exist. So, if you’re not practicing any of these crimes, you should make your truesona today!

The actual thing that matters is what you feel. If you think your truesona depicts your true self, don’t think twice about posting it on your social media account or furry communities. Remember, the true essence of creating a truesona is body positivity. Once you show the world that you own your scars and flaws, you will feel confident and face the world with more courage. 

If you’re hesitating because of people’s hatred, just avoid all the sexual practices when drawing and using your truesona. This way, you won’t provoke any non-furry, and there won’t be any attack on you online and offline. It will also allow you to use your avatar anywhere you want! 

The good thing is that you can easily find many communities with a clear stance against the sexual implications. There is zero tolerance for NSFW content in these groups, so you can share your truesonas with anyone freely. 

However, if you do want to become a part of NSFW communities, don’t be shy. Talk to other furries already in such groups and ask how they avoid people’s criticism. The best way to tackle all this is to make an alternative account and use it to join your favorite furry communities. This way, no one can identify you!

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