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What Is Furry Hypnosis?

Furry hypnosis is a sub-genre of furry content that has recently seen a stark rise in popularity on TikTok which hypnotizes the viewer into something, whether this is to fall asleep or to believe they are a furry. It’s typically done in the style of your average ASMR video in which the speaker whispers into a particularly loud and noise-sensitive microphone and begins to assure you that you are becoming a furry. The hypnosis part of the video is usually achieved through repeating soothing phrases that constantly affirm the type of hypnosis the hypnotist is trying to achieve like “you’re sinking into a warm bath of sunlight, falling deeper and deeper into your sleep”, or something like that.

While this may just sound like normal hypnosis, there’s a catch. The hypnotist is usually a live, motion-captured fursona (now better known as Furry VTubers) who moves around and waves their hands calmingly, you know, hypnotist stuff. However, sometimes, the hypnotist is a pre-recorded video of a fursona playing over a separate ASMR audio, there isn’t a super rigid definition of furry hypnosis currently.

Within the sub-genre of furry hypnosis, there are further sub-sub-genres that attempt to achieve different things. As mentioned before, some may attempt to put the viewer to sleep but the thing most often associated with furry hypnosis is hypnosis that attempts to turn the viewer into a furry or an animal. They obviously cannot make any physical changes to the viewer’s body, but the aim is to give the viewer animal-like compulsions such as (in the case of a cat), licking themselves and meowing.

Does Furry Hypnosis Work?

As crazy as that last sentence may sound to some of you reading this, it’s yet to be proven/disproven because of how much it varies from person to person. It seems that people who are more open to the possibility of hypnosis are a lot more susceptible to hypnosis working on them. Some have reported feeling actual changes to their mental state after viewing furry hypnotist content such as getting the craving for certain foods or the aforementioned compulsion to lick themselves clean. Of course, “just trust me bro” isn’t exactly empirical evidence but it’s definitely a super interesting insight into the power of suggestibility in the furry fandom.

Hypnotic Furry Art

Image by chibifa via Reddit

Who Performs Furry Hypnosis?

What probably also doesn’t help the legitimacy of furry hypnosis or hypnosis in general really is the lack of qualification required to proclaim that you are in fact a hypnotist. Literally anyone can set up a camera and a mic these days and make content. This is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, content creation is more accessible than it has ever been in history and can be done as a reliable source of income but on the other hand, it makes creating content intended to exploit people’s gullibility much easier to not only do but monetize as well.

However, there isn’t really much harm that comes out of furry hypnosis, so whether or not a person is an actual hypnotist is irrelevant. In fact, a lot of the furry hypnosis videos that you can find on YouTube and TikTok are made more to relax the viewer like any other ASMR video than it is to turn them into an animal. Some would even argue there is no such thing as a “real hypnotist” because hypnosis isn’t an exact science that can be reliably performed from person to person.

Does It Have The Same Effects On Everyone?

We hate to rain on your parade but furry hypnosis does not work on everyone, in fact, it probably works on such a negligible, small population of people in the world, that it isn’t even worth considering how many people it affects. As mentioned before, hypnosis is so heavily reliant on the degree to which someone believes in it, so, to convince someone that may believe in hypnosis a little bit that they are in fact an animal and they now have the urge to make animal noises and behave like an animal would be a hard sell.

Having said that, it would seem that there are varying degrees of success with furry hypnosis. While some have experienced full-blown changes in behavior, others claim that for a few hours after the hypnosis they felt “different” as though they weren’t quite themselves. Others even attest to experiencing changes in their perception, even seeing other people as furries.

Do You Feel Hypnotised?

Image via AminoApps

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Where Can I Be Hypnotised?

If you’re looking for a furry hypnotist content creator, your best bet is to look towards the YouTube channel furry asmr which seems to be a pioneer of sorts in the world of, as you could probably guess, furry ASMR. He has created over a hundred videos of varying lengths and has been consistently uploading since last year. His videos range from comforting cuddles ASMR to signing up for a furry convention ASMR. But most importantly he creates hypnosis videos as well. Other furry hypnosis channels include Darkwitt and Whispaw ASMR who make very similar content to furry asmr.

If you’re not in the mood for an hour-long investment of your time, there are also several furry TikTok pages that have recently been gaining some traction such as filththemutt which predominantly lipsyncs TikTok sounds to their fursona but has occasionally done brief furry hypnosis videos.

Is All Furry ASMR Hypnosis?

Furry hypnosis actually only makes up a fraction of the furry ASMR content out there. Most furry ASMR content is made to comfort or soothe its listeners, as for hypnotizing the listener, you will probably struggle to find a great wealth of content because of how niche it is. With that said, pretty much all content creators who make furry hypnosis don’t do solely hypnosis videos but in fact do general furry ASMR and occasionally do furry hypnosis as well. Because there is such great overlap between hypnosis and ASMR it’s quite easy for these creators to pump out videos for basically nothing.

Still Not Feeling Hypnotised?

Image via DeviantArt

Is It The Same As Erotic Hypnosis?

Considering there is a sexual stigma that plagues the furry fandom, it would be understandable if someone believed that there was some sort of sexual implication that came with furry hypnosis especially considering that erotic hypnosis actually exists.

If you don’t know, erotic hypnosis is a method of hypnosis used to increase sexual desires. What doesn’t help the case of furries is that, if you watch any of the furry ASMR videos mentioned above, it does always feel like there is some sort of inherently sexual undertone to it because of the intimate nature of the videos. Not to worry though, while it definitely isn’t devoid of sexual implications, most furry hypnosis has no intention of being sexual.

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