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Did you just embrace furryhood? Congratulations. 

It’s time to get in touch with some fellow furries. 

The world has now become a global village – quite literally. You can now connect with others who have similar interests and hobbies, virtually. 

Reddit (you may have heard of it) is a website where users may join subreddits that concentrate on particular subjects or themes. For furries just looking for a laugh or to share one of their own memes, subreddits like  r/furry_irl exist, so what is it?

What are Subreddits?

If you don’t already know what Reddit is, it is one of the most used sites in the world and can be used for a pretty wide variety of things. From memes, to discussion threads, to some more explicit after-dark content, Reddit does it all. Users discuss nearly anything, from politics and news to interests and hobbies. 

Reddit is distributed into categories called subreddits which allow users to quickly and easily find the niche they are looking for. These subreddits are equivalent to mini-forums or groups, each concentrating on a particular subject or theme. 

Subreddits can cover various topics and are established and regulated by normal individuals like you and me. Subreddits exist for mainstream news, entertainment, and even some specialized interests.

Members can comment, post, and share links related to the subject under each subreddit’s rules and regulations. The relevance or interest of these postings is then determined by the upvotes or downvotes received from other users. 

Thanks to subreddits, it has never been easier to find people around the globe with the same hyper-specific interest as you. 

Joining a subreddit that matches your interest will allow you to share your experiences and receive assistance with specific problems. Speaking of hyper-specific interests, you can find r/furry_irl, a community for furries to share their experiences and interests.

Example of how subreddits work 

Image via NewsWhip

What Is Furry IRL? 

Furry IRL is a subreddit where members of the furry community can post exclusively light-hearted or funny furry content. Although members occasionally discuss other topics too, Furry IRL is predominantly a place for furries to share memes and comics. 

Furry memes are a genre of their own. While some of them poke fun at the subculture itself, others use anthropomorphic animals in an ironic or funny way to comment on current events and human behavior.

The furry meme community has grown significantly in recent years, especially on platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. But Reddit remains the favorite due to its larger user base and its organized layout.

In terms of structure or humour, Furry IRL is supposed to parody the popular subreddit MeIRL which is a subreddit dedicated to specifically relatable memes.

From fursuit commissions to art commissions, Fursonafy has your back

How Can Furries Use Furry IRL?

Reddit has become a massive platform for people to connect from all across the world. The forum got over 1.7 billion visits in May 2022, making it one of the most popular sites in the world.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can use Furry IRL in many ways. Here are some of them.

Connect With Other Furries Through Humor 

If you’ve recently come out as a furry, it can be hard to navigate everything on your own. Maybe you don’t have furries around you. Or, you might not know where to find furries in your area to hang out with.

Furry IRL can be your connection to other furries. Since it’s online, you won’t have to incur travel costs to meet fellow furries. Plus, being a part of the subreddit will give you a sense of community.

You can share memes you find online or simply make your own. If you’re a comic lover, you might even go to Canva to create some furry-related comics.

Share Your Comics

Have you been creating furry comics lately? Do you have no one to share them with?

Worry not; Furry IRL is just the place for you. Many people share self-made memes and comics on the subreddit. 

Who knows, you might find a community that’s interested in your humor and art style. 

Learn About the Furry Norms

New furries are often in the dark about how to conduct themselves in the fandom. Furry IRL can be a great place to learn about all the norms and conventions that furries follow and observe.

Let’s say you’ve never been to a furry convention before, but you’re planning to go to one soon. You might be unsure about what to wear, how to behave, and what to expect.

Your buddies in the Furry IRL could guide you.

Have a Safe Space to Explore Your Identity

Furry IRL is a furry family. You can explore your identity and have fun without worrying about judgment or being ostracized. Everyone in the community has the same interests as you, so it shouldn’t be hard to find someone who shares the same definition of ‘funny’ as you.

What Kind of Memes Can You Find In Furry IRL?

You can find many kinds of memes in Furry IRL. Here are some common types.

Cute and Wholesome

These memes are meant to be cute and heartwarming. They’re just the way to brighten your day or get a smile on your face.

For example, here’s a wholesome comic about two furries in love. These memes and comics are generally harmless and always positive.


Humorous memes use furry characters to create a funny scenario or poke fun at pop culture. These memes may include references to popular trends or memes. They may also be parodies or puns.

Reaction Memes

Think of these as furry-fied reaction GIFs. They show a character’s expressions or reactions to situations, often in funny ways.

You might need to keep up with popular pop culture trends to understand these memes. But if you’re struggling to get what they mean, we’d advise looking through the comment section.

TikTok Videos

With the recent increase in TikTok use, TikTok videos have been surfacing on all other social media platforms, including Reddit. You’ll find plenty of funny furry-related TikTok videos on Furry IRL. 

These videos can help you find more funny content. All you have to do is follow the creator or the furry hashtag they’re using on TikTok to get similar content.

Example Of Furry IRL Post

Image via Reddit

Tips for Making Furry Memes and Comics

If you want to share self-made memes in Furry IRL, here are some tips to help you rack up those comments.

  • Keep It Simple: This is especially important if you’re making a comic with multiple panels. Try not to add too much detail or complicated art styles because it can be overwhelming and detract from the message you are trying to get across.
  • Use High-Res Images: They don’t necessarily have to be cinema-quality. But they shouldn’t be pixelated or unreadable, either.
  • Be Creative: Give your imagination a nudge. If a pop culture trend has been going around, hop on the bandwagon, but take a furry approach.
  • Be Respectful: Do not hurt anyone’s sentiments when making furry memes or comics. Avoid using derogatory terms or offensive language.
  • Get Feedback: If you’ve got a furry buddy, get feedback from them before sharing your meme on the subreddit. They might give some helpful input.

When scouring for ideas, you can check out some other furry-related subreddits. We’ve got a list for you below.

Another Post From Furry IRL

Image via Reddit

Which Other Subreddits Can Furries Follow?

While Furry IRL is a good subreddit, it’s not the only one. You might want to follow other meme-filled subreddits. Or, you may simply want to be part of a subreddit where you can see other people’s art or learn more about the fandom. 

Here are some other subreddits you can follow.


/r/furry is another excellent subreddit where you can learn more about the furry fandom, share your artwork, get feedback, and make furry friends.

If you scroll through the subreddit, you’ll notice that it’s very art-oriented. Many people share their artwork here, and the comments are filled with appreciation or feedback.


/r/yiffinhell/ caters to older furries. You must be older than 18 to be a part of this community. The subreddit aims to push through the shame and embarrassment often associated with the furry community.

But that does not mean discrimination, homophobia, racism, or bigotry of any kind is allowed. You must follow the subreddit’s rules to be a part of it. Rest assured; it’s a safe place to share your thoughts and learn more.

But if you’re a young furry, stick to other options in this list.


When you join the furry community, one of your first concerns is to get a fursuit. /r/fursuit/ is just the place to learn about fursuits and get inspiration.

If you plan to get a custom fursuit made at some point in the future, you should know that most sites don’t commission fursuit styles other furries are already using. You’re supposed to come up with your style. Or, you can commission the manufacturer to design a fursuit for you.

But before you do that, try getting inspiration from /r/fursuit/. You may also find people selling their old fursuits that you can get for a reasonable price.


Want to have a fun time and share a laugh? The r/furrymemes/ should be on your list of furry subreddits to join.

It’s exactly how it sounds. You can find a ton of memes here about the furry community. If you’re feeling a bit creative, you can even share the memes you have made.

It’s quite similar to Furry IRL. The memes and comics are also somewhat similar. 

The key is to be respectful and not post anything that discriminates or can be seen as offensive.


Furries are into art. It’s a fact as clear as day.

But when you’re starting out, understanding how to draw or create digital art can be a bit tricky. That’s where r/FurryArtSchool/ comes in.

The subreddit has a lot of tutorials from expert artists that you can learn from. If you ever get stuck, you can simply post your unfinished artwork and ask questions about it.

For example, if you’re struggling with getting the proportions right or are confused about the color scheme, the furry community in the subreddit can be of enormous help.

How to Use Subreddits Safely?

Subreddits can be very helpful, but it’s essential to be safe. Here are some tips for using the platform safely.

Keep Your Information Private.

Do not share personal information, such as your phone number, address, or government ID, with anyone on Reddit. Doing so can make you vulnerable to threats and theft.

No matter how friendly someone seems, do not share personal information with them. If someone is nagging you, do not maintain contact with them.

Click on Links Cautiously.

If the links look suspicious, do not click on them. Some signs of suspicious links are language you don’t understand, spelling errors, broken links, etc.

Report Inappropriate Content.

If you see any inappropriate content, report it to the admin immediately. Most subreddits also have moderators. You should report the content to them. Do not engage with such content.

Some examples of inappropriate content include the following:

  • Illegal content, such as content promoting illicit or terrorist activities
  • Harassment and hate speed toward someone based on ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, or gender
  • Pornographic content
  • Spam or phishing content

Be Mindful of Your Activity.

Keep in mind that your online footprint is traceable. So, be mindful of the content you post and interact with. The information you share on the subreddit should be free of negativity and bigotry.

Use a Strong Password.

Having a strong password is vital for keeping your account secure. An excellent way to make your password safe is using a mix of uppercase, numbers, and lowercase letters.

Reddit Logo

Image via WIRED


Furry IRL is among the best subreddits to learn from and engage with other furries. Besides Furry IRL, you can check out other subreddits, such as /r/fursuit/, r/furrymemes/, and r/FurryArtSchool/.

No matter which subreddit you visit, make sure you stay safe. You should not engage in wrongful activities or share your personal information. As long as you’re safe and follow the subreddit’s rules, you should have a great time learning, sharing, and networking.

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