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What Is A Fursuit?

A fursuit is an animal costume worn by some members of the furry fandom known as furries. Not all furries wear them nor is it a requirement to wear one to be considered a furry. Much like a cosplayer, furries will often wear these fursuits when going to something like a meetup or a convention as it’s a chance to show off their work to other furries. Some fursuiters make their fursuits themselves, and others commission fursuit makers to create a professional fursuit for them with all the bells and whistles that come with it.

What Are Fursuit Accessories?

Fursuit accessories on the other hand are little bits and bobs that don’t just come with your fursuit that can be added on afterward. These can range from cool little trinkets that can help further personalize your suit, to genuinely practical items that make wearing the suit for extended periods of time a lot more comfortable.

#1 Furry Badge

Furry badges are an awesome way to completely personalize your suit and stand out from the crowd. They are badges that contain an illustration of the owner’s fursona as well as the name of their fursona. The beauty of furry badges is that you don’t even have to be wearing a fursuit to wear a badge as a lot of people want to be known for their fursona anyway, regardless of whether or not they have a suit. The issue with these is that they can’t just be done by any furry artist unless you have access to some good badge printing. Otherwise, you’ll have to reach out to someone who both prints and creates furry badges.

Furry Badge

Image via Reddit

#2 Ring

If you’ve at the very least seen a fursuit, then, chances are you know that a standard ring isn’t going to fit the hand or foot of it. However, you’re in luck, because there are larger rings specifically made to fit fursuits. So if you’re really looking for a way to bling out your new suit, maybe try one of these.

Furry Badge

Image via Reddit

From fursuit commissions to art commissions, Fursonafy has your back

#3 Collar

Given that you are already dressing up as an animal, why not slap on a trendy little collar just to personalize your fursuit that little bit more? This is a very fitting accessory for any dog or cat fursuit but it is obviously not exclusive to just them. The brilliant thing about collars is their diversity, they don’t even necessarily have to just be a classic old red collar, they can be spiked chokers, they can be vintage leather, the customizability of collars is amazing and it just adds that little bit of nuance to your suit.

Pride Fursuit Collars

Image via Fursuit Supplies

#4 Piercings

Yes, it’s true, you can get piercings for even your fursuit and they can look pretty damn cool as well. These piercings can range from studs to fool hoop earrings and the best part is they can go on so many places on your suit. You can get septum piercings, ear lobe piercings (and pretty much any part of the ear), eyebrow piercings, etc, the options are so vast and the best part is, they’re also pretty affordable. You can get them from sellers like these on Etsy for great prices.

Fursuit Head With Piercings

Image via Pinterest

#5 Props

This one may sound a bit vague so we’ll explain what we mean a little better. Props for your fursuit are little trinkets that you can carry around that just say a little bit more about your fursona. For example, you can get a prop bone, or if you’re feeling a little bit sillier you can get prop fried eggs that can sit on top of your fursuit’s head. The props don’t just have to stop at meaningless items though, you can commission props to be made for your suit if you want something that really sets your suit apart from the crowd.

Fursuit Ghoul Aid Prop

Image via Curlworks

#6 Name Tag

This kind of serves the same purpose as a badge but it serves it in a different way. What better way to compliment that shiny new collar you got than adding a fancy name tag to it? You don’t even have to introduce yourself, people can just read that little name tag around your neck and they can hopefully make an educated guess as to what your name is.

Fursuit Nametag

Image via Etsy

#7 Cooling Vest

A cooling vest may not make you look any more stylish than any of the previous entries but it is probably the most practical out of any of the things on this list. Wearing a fursuit all day, especially at conventions held in the summer, can start to feel like your very own personal sauna so a cooling vest is probably one of the best ways to combat this. The greatest part about a cooling vest as well is that it doesn’t affect the look of your suit at all, you can just throw it on underneath your suit and stay cool, unbeknownst to anyone else.

Not Specifically Made For Fursuit But A Cooling Best Nonetheless

Image via Sportsbikeshop

Where Can I Buy Fursuit Accessories?

Etsy : This is likely the most reliable place to get your fursuit accessories from as there are just so many to choose from and they are often customizable. Not to mention you can quite easily get in touch with the seller to make any queries about the customization of things like nametags and badges or just general queries about the product they are selling.

FursuitSupplies : These guys offer some awesome accessories and the best part is they are a trusted private seller, meaning there is no risk of some sketchy sellers trying to scam you out of your money for some cheap plastic. While most of the sales are for faux fur and other fursuit supplies as the name suggests, they do offer some great alternative products.

Lobitoworks : While they don’t have the largest stock of items, they have some of the coolest props you’ll find like comically large plush cigars or massive spiked collars. If you’re looking for something that really adds the final touches to your suit, I recommend Lobitoworks as your guy.

How Expensive Are Fursuit Accessories?

The best part about fursuit accessories is that for the most part, they are relatively inexpensive. I say relatively because if you are willing to spend upwards of $3000 on a fursuit, then I can only imagine that you aren’t extremely opposed to throwing another $15 – $20 at a cute little accessory for your suit.

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