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What Is A Reddit Community?

If you don’t already know what Reddit is, it’s like any social media platform, people make posts, other people either upvote or downvote said posts and posts get ranked on the number of upvotes they get in a certain window of time. Here’s the catch though, posts can only be made to sub-communities within reddit known as subreddits so that you can organise content by relevant material. As well as making it really easy to find the content you’re looking for on Reddit, this also breeds Reddit communities, and in this case, furry reddit communities. However, because of the sheer number of furry subreddits on reddit, there are several different communities that you can join today which we’re going to guide you through today.

What’s The Point Of A Furry Subreddit?

The purpose of a furry subreddit, just like any other subreddit, is so that users can find and post specific furry content all in one place, whether it be for art, fursuits, animations, writing etc. Now you may be asking yourself, “isn’t it just the wild west of furry content? like what’s stopping people from posting whatever they want?” and the answer is pretty simple: mods. Moderators of the subreddits make sure that all posts made to the subreddit abide by the guidelines of the it which can usually be found at the top of the page.

Reddit Logo, but a dog

Illustration by /u/HarmonyHeartstrings via WikiFur

Why Join A Furry Subreddit?

The reasons for joining a furry subreddit are just like the reasons for joining any other furry community, like we mentioned in our post about the best furry discord servers, it’s an opportunity to speak to and interact with other furries, possibly even make new friends, but most importantly, find content and possibly even share your own content whether it be art or an animation, there’s likely a subreddit for you to share it.

What Makes Reddit So Great For Posting Content?

For one, content creators can post their content to multiple relevant subreddits for a greater chance of exposure and more upvotes from users who may have not seen it on another subreddit. Reddit also has an awarding system which means users can buy awards (like Gold, Diamond, Wholesome) to put on posts which act like flares that make the post pop and also improves the posts’ ranking on the subreddit, making it more likely that other people see it.

From fursuit commissions to art commissions, Fursonafy has your back

Let’s Get Into The List!

Let’s get the big one out of the way first. r/furry is the biggest furry subreddit with a whopping 286,000 members mostly because it doesn’t really have a niche. This is a subreddit for any and all furry content. From fursuits to furry art to Q&As to contests, r/furry is a subreddit that has everything furry. Their tagline is literally “for all stuff fluff”. This is likely the best subreddit to go to if you have any queries about the furry community that you can’t already find online or want a second opinion on as it is literally the most active furry community on the platform. It clocks in at about 223 posts a day and is ranked 740 out of all subreddits for its daily comment volume. Also, this is a completely SFW subreddit, meaning nudity, gore or general inappropriate content is a bannable offense and will not be tolerated. Other housekeeping rules include attributing credit to artists if you are posting their artwork, conducting yourself in a civil manner i.e don’t abuse or threaten other users and no spamming. If you’re looking for inspiration on one of your own pieces or are just looking for furry art, this subreddit is definitely worth a look.

Fursona sketch.

Illustration by medibang via ArtStreet

This one is a little less broad than r/furry, as this is a meme subreddit. Likely based on the subreddit r/me_irl, r/furry_irl is a subreddit dedicated to sharing furry memes, clocking in at almost 200,000 members. If you’re familiar with most meme subreddits like r/dankmemes or even r/memes, then you’ll know that most of these subreddits only allow you to post images. You aren’t able to tell stories, ask questions, share art, this subreddit is explicitly for sharing memes, and any posts that deviate from this format will be removed in order to maintain the subreddit’s integrity.

This entry is a bit more devious than the last two as this is an exclusively NSFW subreddit. If you don’t know what yiff is, yiff is a term used to describe furry porn or any sexual content entailing furries. So, as you could imagine, this is a place for furries to share their not so safe for work art that they wouldn’t be able to share on other subreddits like r/furry. Funnily enough, r/yiff is probably one of the biggest furry communities with over 300,000 members; the content on there is practically endless. However, just because it is a NSFW subreddit, does not mean inappropriate discussion is allowed. Discussion that is either offensive or makes other users uncomfortable will result in a ban.

Autumn Furry Wallpaper

Illustration by Caveman via Wallpaper Cave

It’s no secret that finding customers isn’t easy, sometimes your art skills just aren’t as good as the competition and art commissions are saturated enough as it is. So, although the membership of this subreddit is not so impressive, this is a great place to get your furry art career off the ground. If you’re looking for people to commission art you should be posting on all social media and that includes reddit. r/FurryCommissions is a subreddit for furry artists to advertise their art and therefore, for people looking to commission a drawing, a subreddit to also browse. It’s nowhere near the size of r/furry or r/yiff with only 2719 members, but this is even better for artists as it makes the subreddit less saturated with art than most.

r/RealFurryHours is a discussion subreddit for all things furry. Literally any question you could have about the furry community from comic recommendations to advice on making a fursuit, this is a hub of knowledge that likely has an answer. Be warned however, this subreddit tends to also have more controversial posts as it doesn’t stray away from any conversation topic concerning furries, even encouraging anti-furries to post as well as general criticisms of furries just as much as furries to engage with everyone. Regardless, for the most part the community is non-toxic as even though they encourage anti-furry posts, unprovoked rudeness or, or intentionally hurtful posts are bannable.

This is a subreddit that is a little similar to r/furry but with a bit more specificity. In other words, you can post pretty much anything, whether it be a question, discussion, art, meme, as long as it’s to do with babyfurs, it will fly on the subreddit. If you don’t know what a babyfur is, it is a term used for furries who like to roleplay as babies thus the name babyfurs. There is some crossover with babyfurs and infantilism as both allegedly get gratification from behaving like infants. This yet another one of the smaller subreddits with around 5800 members but it’s relatively active given its numbers. This subreddit also strictly prohibits NSFW content as… you know… the characters depicts what are essentially children, so, any sexually comprimising positions or situations are bannable.

r/furryartschool, in my opinion, is one of the most useful subreddits on this list. It’s a subreddit for beginner and experienced artists alike to come together and help each other with their art. Also, because there’s over 64,000 members on this subreddit, you can almost guarantee that there will be someone to help you with your art. All you have to do is post a piece that you think needs work or even a piece that you think you’re happy with and just ask for any tips on what you could do better. The community is typically super helpful, so you shouldn’t have an issue with a lack of interactivity. They also allow NSFW art including nudity and gore, however, if you are to post something like that, you must tag it so that users are warned that they are about to see a post containing gore and/or nudity.

Something you may see on r/fursuit

Illustration by Nouga

8) r/fursuit

This entry is for all things fursuiting. Whether you’re looking to get involved in fursuiting, want to share fursuits you’re working on or have finished, or want some inspiration for your own fursuit, this is the subreddit for you. Although it’s one of the smaller subreddits with around 22,000 members, there are constantly active members who will be willing to answer any questions you have or discuss any topics you like to do with fursuiting. This is likely one of the biggest online fursuiting communities and are therefore very hospitable when it comes to any issues you are having with your suit or a creative block you’ve reached etc.

Similar to r/yiff, r/yiffgif is another devious NSFW subreddit exclusively for furry porn. However, this time the porn is only in GIF format, short animated clips. This subreddit is great for animators or just furry artists in general as the community is fairly active with over 80,000 members as of 2022. Take from that what you will. It had its biggest spike in users in the past 3 years shooting up from 10,000 to where it is now despite existing since 2013. They pretty much have the same rules as r/yiff, but the main rule here being that you are only allowed to post GIFs.

Okay, this one is kinda cheating but I recently discovered this one and don’t want to let it slide. r/woof_irl is a subreddit for users to post pictures of their dogs in relatable scenarios. While I did just take all the fun out of this subreddit with that one sentence, the subreddit itself does a better job of describing it as “for the puppy in u. | a subreddit for posting pictures of dogs that people can look at and go “oh same, dog, same””. So it kinda counts I guess? This is also inspired by the subreddit me_irl and it does not disappoint. It has over 617,000 members and receives about 14 posts per day making it a pretty active community, and a fun one at that. Posts are restricted to images and GIFs only as it’s not a community for discussion and like most subreddits, any hostility or hate speech, inappropriate posts etc. will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

Can I Build My Own Reddit Community?

The beauty of Reddit is that literally anyone can create a subreddit with little to no difficulty. You simply log in, click “create community” and name it and voila, you have your very own subreddit. Now, whether or not you can grow this subreddit is the question.So How Do I Grow My Subreddit? For an in-depth guide on growing a subreddit, you might be better off looking here, but if you want a brief rundown of the basics of getting people involved with your community, here’s a few tips.Make It Blindingly Obvious What Your Subreddit Is For This rule applies to every aspect of your subreddit, from its name, to its description. Nobody wants to use a subreddit where even its own users are unsure of what they are supposed to be posting. If you make it clear what people are supposed to be posting, people will feel more inclined to post on it.Post Consistently Make the newcomers of your subreddit feel welcome. If someone comes across your subreddit and just see a barren wasteland with nothing to gauge what the community is all about they probably aren’t going to stick. Give them something to consistently interact with. Engage With Other Relevant Subreddits Nobody wants to join a subreddit whose user is some fresh account who just lurks on other subreddits, so get involved with other communities that you think are relevant to yours. Whatever you’re posting to your own subreddit, post to others as well and engage with other users’ posts on said subreddits. Promote Yourself There are actually several subreddits on reddit that are explicitly for users to promote their subreddits like r/newreddits or r/promoteareddit. Use these to your advantage and tell the people what you’re all about.

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