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What Are Pokemon?

If you have no clue why you clicked on this article or the title makes literally no sense to you, chances are, you don’t know what Pokemon are. In which case, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so we’ll try our best to catch you up to speed.

Pokemon (short for pocket monsters) are fictional creatures originally from the hit 1996 video game by the same name which was eventually turned into an anime adaptation. Each Pokemon belongs to a maximum of two types from a pool of 18 types with a wide variety ranging from fire to ice to ghost. When it comes to Pokemon fighting, some types are more effective against others, like a complicated game of rock paper scissors. Like a lot of turn-based RPGs, as a player, your job is to catch these Pokemon and train them through battling other Pokemon and leveling them up to be as strong as they can be. You train them through battling wild Pokemon, other trainers, beating gyms etc.

However, all of that is besides the point because the whole appeal of Pokemon in the furry community is that they are pretty much fictional animals. You know what else are fictional animals? That’s right, fursonas.

What Is A Pokemorph?

A Pokemorph also known as anthro-Pokemon or Pokethropes refers to an even more fictional species of Pokemon. They are typically fursonas or furries that resemble characteristics of a Pokemon and the weight of inspiration can vary heavily. Some pieces may bear uncanny similarities to other Pokemon whereas others may simply be a small nod to a Pokemon that it takes light inspiration from. The Pokemon doesn’t even necessarily have to resemble an animal, there are literally Roselia Pokemorphs… Roselia is a plant.

Where Can I Find Pokemorphs?

You can find Pokemorphs on pretty much any art sharing site, especially furry specific ones. You can find them on DeviantArt, Furaffinity, Pinterest, Twitter, if you just search Pokemorph or Pokemon furry, you’ll be sure to find some. If you’re looking to make a Pokemon furry of your own, those as well as this list are all great places to look for inspiration.

Let’s Get Into The List!

Lopunny Fan Art

Illustration by Tokiya Sakuba via DeviantArt

1) Lopunny

Lopunny is a normal type, generation 4, rabbit-like Pokemon that evolves from Buneary, or to quote the bulbapedia, “Lopunny is a bipedal, rabbit-like Pokemon with dark brown fur and a short round tail”. Lopunny’s most notable trait however is their long, fluffy, cream-coloured ears which they are “very proud of”. They are known to kick in retaliation when these ears are handled roughly. However, for the most part Lopunny is a timid Pokemon that will use said ears to cloak itself and slink off at the mere sense of danger but is capable of unleashing devastating kicks if left no other choice. They shed their fur twice a year, its coat corresponding to the season, in the summer having a much thinner coat and in the winter having a thicker more insulated coat. In many ways, Lopunny is just a normal rabbit if you think about it.

Gardevoir Fan Art.

Illustration via PNGItem

2) Gardevoir

Gardevoir is one of those Pokemon that seem to resemble a person more than they do any animal. They’re a bipedal, 3rd generation psychic/fairy type creature that evolves from Kirlia whose body resembles that of a white dress or a “flowing gown”. They have short white spikes that protrude from the side of its face that are supposed to resemble a masquerade mask and red horns that protrude from its chest and back which is said to be a physical manifestation of of their heart, capable of expelling tremendous psychic power when it mega evolves. Gardevoir is able to see the future, create miniature black holes, distort dimensions and ignore the pull of gravity all with its psychic powers. They are one of the few Pokemon in all the generations of Pokemon that evolve into different Pokemon dependent on the sex of the kirlia it evolves from. If the Kirlia is female, they will evolve into a Gardevoir, however, if the Kirlia is male, they will evolve into a Gallade, a contrastingly psychic/fighting type Pokemon. Their arms are shaped like tonfas, a baton-like weapon traditionally used in Okinawan martial arts, and they have a much thicker stature than Gardevoir.

Salazzle Fan Art.

Illustration by VectorinoMan via Twitter

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3) Salazzle

Salazzle is a 7th generation poison/fire type Pokemon that evolves from, like Gardevoir, explicitly from a female Salandit. Male Salandits on the other hand are not known to evolve into anything due to their malnutrition diets. Salazzles are dark gray, lizard or salamander inspired Pokemon with U-shaped markings on their chest and hip which resemble “wisps of smoke”. Salazzles produce a poisonous gas that if treated correctly through dilution can be used as a perfume by humans. They are typically cave-dwelling Pokemon, often found in reverse harems with other male Salandits attracted by the pheromones in the same poisonous gas. Their tails are slender and whip-like as a means of close combat if their poisonous gas fails them. Their anatomy bares similarities to that of the New Mexico Whiptail likely because of salamander-like appearance and… well… whiptail.

Braixen Fan Art

Illustration by Porkchop_King via Reddit

4) Braixen

Braixen is actually one of the only starter Pokemon entries on this list, meaning that they are pokemon that cannot be found in the wild in their given generation but instead must be given to the trainer at the beginning of their journey. Braixen is a 6th generation fire type Pokemon that is actually only the second evolution in its three-part evolution tree. They evolve from Fennekin and evolve into Delphox. As you might have been able to guess from the names, Braixen is a fox-like Pokemon, and yet another bipedal one at that. However, they also bare similarities to Kitsune, a mythological Japanese fox which allegedly has the ability to transform into a person which could explain Braixen’s bipedal stance. Braixens have predominantly coarse, pale-yellow fur that sweeps at the bottom of their torso to resemble a dress. They use the abrasiveness of their fur to create friction and ignite a stick that they always keep in their tail when they pluck it out. While the stick is still lodged in its tail, it seems to resemble a broom with the stick acting as a handle and their tail looking like a brush. This is probably because, upon evolving into Delphox, their dress becomes more witch-like and they use their stick almost like a wand.

Lucario Fan Art

Illustration by Sam Kelly via Pinterest

5) Lucario

Lucario is a 4th generation fighting/steel type Pokemon that evolved from Riolu. Like a lot of the Pokemon on this list, Lucario is bi-pedal. They are a canine-like Pokemon with predominantly black and blue fur with a cream coloured torso. They have spikes on the back of either paw which are presumably used for combat which is also why they are never flat-footed, instead remaining on the balls of their feet to constantly be ready for battle. Here’s the cool thing about Lucario though. They can study auras using the four black appendages that hang from their head to predict the movements of their opponents. But it gets better. With enough training, Lucario can read auras so well that they can detect how living beings feel within half a mile of themselves and are even known to understand and communicate with them. Because of this, Lucario bears a lot of mental baggage and is often easily stressed, but they can also manipulate and channel this same power into explosive balls of energy known as Aura Spheres.

Zoroark Fan Art

Illustration via WallpaperFlare

6) Zoroark

Zoroark is an unsurprisingly bi-pedal, 5th generation, dark type Pokemon that evolves from Zorua. They are a dark gray, fox-like creature with crimson and black accents along its feet and hands. They have large similarly crimson and black manes which are tied into a ponytail with a teal bangle. Zoroarks are mostly known to be social Pokemon who live in groups and are extremely protective of their loved-ones, willing to go to any extent to defend them, including risking its own life. They even hide their young in their manes when moving to make sure that they are safe at all times. Some of their means of defense include being able to warp reality and create illusions that are completely indistinguishable from reality, even being able to conjure up imaginary landscapes where it dwells in the forests to hide its territory and make themselves appear to be another being. They can create illusions of attack so realistic that their opponent will sometimes convince themselves that they were hurt by it. These illusions, however, have no impact on the physical world meaning Zoroark cannot actually transform into other creatures no can it create a fantasy world to live in.

Tsareena Fan Art

Illustration zerochan via

7) Tsareena

Tsareena is a 7th generation grass-type Pokemon that evolves from Steenee and is the final evolution of Bounsweet. They are plant-like pokemon with a humanoid appearance. They have white hips with purple torsos, arms, legs, eyelids and eyelashes, yet no visible mouth or nose. They have three pointed projections just before its hips which resemble a pair of long boots with the lower portions of its legs being more sharp and pointed. They have leaves of calyx on their head which resemble side-swept bangs and long flowing hair. Tsareena has a 100% female gender ratio, meaning that there is no such thing as a male Bounsweet, Steenee or Tsareena. Despite being a grass-type Pokemon, Tsareena is mostly known to fight using finely honed kicks, often cackling at opponents as they land a blow. They punish anyone with evil in mind with these kicks, this punishment even extending to their trainers for things as petty as ordering them to use an ineffective move or a move Tsareena dislikes. They also emit a sweet fragrance which they use as a distraction in battle as they continue to beat their opponent with kicks.

Cinderace From The Anime

Illustration via Bulbapedia

8) Cinderace

Cinderace is the second and final entry in this list that is or evolves from a starter Pokemon. Evolving from Raboot and being the final evolution of Scorbunny, Cinderace is an 8th generation fire type Pokemon. They are yet another bi-pedal, rabbit-like Pokemon but with a bit more of a fire-inspired colour palette. They are mostly white from their head to torso and arms but with red and orange accents, I’m assuming like… you know… white hot. Anyways, they have navy patches of fur over each shoulder which are supposed to represent a shoulder brace as well as navy fur on their lower waist resembling that of a belt. Cinderace’s main means of defense is juggling a pebble with its feet long enough that it becomes a burning football (soccer ball). They can then kick this flaming ball of death at its opponents with some spin on it to create an almost unavoidable attack. This amazing kicking ability also give them great dexterity with their feet, as well as outstanding height on their jump. They are also known to be quite overzealous Pokemon, often showboating and taking huge risks in battle if they are cheered on enough to do so.

Eeveelution Fan Art

Illustration by StardustStitcheryCo via Etsy

9) Eeveelutions

Okay, so this one is kind of cheating but it’s just too hard to choose. If you’re unfamiliar with Pokemon, there is a Pokemon known as Eevee which doesn’t have one linear evolution tree. Instead, it can evolve into a total of 8 different Pokemon, now commonly known as eeveelutions, given the right circumstance. These eeveelutions vary in type, colour, size, ability etc. but one thing they all have in common is that they all evolve from Eevee and also they’re all quadrupedal. The reason it was so hard to pick one is because they’re all pretty cool, so we’ll do a brief run through all of them. Flareon Flareon, if you couldn’t guess, is the fire type evolution of Eevee. It’s the last evolution in the first generation trio of eeveelutions including (Jolteon and Vaporeon). Eevee only evolves into Flareon upon exposure to what is known as a Fire Stone. Because of this, their average body temperature is 800°C! Jolteon Jolteon is the electric type evolutions of eevee that occurs when the eevee is exposed to a thunder stone. It has spiky yellow fur and a spiky white ruff around its neck. This fur is made of electrically charged needles which creates a sparking noise as they walk as well as an electricity-generating organ in its lungs which can be heard when Jolteon breathes. With this fur, lungs and the natural electricity in its body, Jolteon can use the needles to amplify the electrical current in itself to fire off around 10,000 volts of electricity. Vaporeon Vaporeon is the first of the original three eeveelutions and is also the water-type evolution of Eeevee. Eevee evolves into Vaporeon upon, you guessed it, being exposed to a water stone. Despite looking quite mammalian, Vaporeon also bears a lot of similarities to aquatic creatures. They have a spiky ridge down their back, fins and a dorsal fin on the top of its head, as well as a split tail fin, all of which make them faster swimmers. Also, they have a cell composition so similar to water that they are able to melt away into water. Espeon Espeon is a 2nd generation, psychic type evolution of Eevee. Eevee can only evolve into Espeon if they are leveled up during the day while having a strong friendship with their trainer. They are covered in velvet fur which is so sensitive that it can feel the air molecules move around it. Because of this, they can predict weather as well as their enemies’ movements. Umbreon Umbreon is the second and last 2nd generation evolution of Eevee and is a dark type Pokemon. Like Espeon, they can only Eevee can only evolve into Umbreon if they have a strong friendship with their trainer but, they must be leveled up during the night. The exposure to moonlight alters Eevee genetic structure and as a result they inherit sleek black fur to blend into the night as well as becoming nocturnal animals. When Umbreon feels threatened they will spray poisonous sweat into the eyes of their attacker. They also have yellow rings around their body which glow when Umbreon is excited! Leafeon Leafeon is the 4th generation, grass type evolution of Eevee. This occurs when Eevee has been exposed to a leaf stone. This causes them to inherit plant-like features and traits. For example, its cellular similarity to a plant allows them to photosynthesise and purify the air around them when resting in the sun. This also means they don’t have to eat as they get their energy from the sun. Funnily enough, Leafeons are actually pacifists only sharpening its leafy tail if absolutely necessary. Glaceon Glaceon is the second and last 4th generation result of Eevee being exposed to an ice stone. They are covered in a light blue fur which they can freeze is thousands of sharp shards of ice which it can fire in combat. Because of their sub-zero body temperature, they can also freeze the moisture in the air that surrounds them. Sylveon Sylveon is the only 6th generation evolution of Eevee and they are also the last eeveelution to date. They are a fairy type Pokemon that evolves into such from leveling up while knowing a fairy type move and having a strong friendship with their trainer. They have ribbon-like feelers which hang from their head that can emit an aura that calms any aggression from the creatures that surround it allowing them to put a stop to any battle.

Mewtwo Wallpaper

Illustration via WallpaperAcess

10) Mewtwo

Finally, Mewtwo is a 1st generation, psychic type, legendary Pokemon meaning their sex is unknown, they cannot reproduce and there is only one of them known to exist. Unlike most Pokemon, Mewtwo was made in a lab after years of horrendous experiments in attempts to replicate a Mew and is not known to evolve into any other Pokemon. They are completely light-gray with a purple belly that extends to their tail. They have three digits on each hand with large spherical tips as well as two spherical-ended digits on their feet. They are completely void of any empathy, compassion or morality and strike fear into the hearts of other Pokemon with their glowing eyes. It is said that the only thought they are capable of is the defeat of their opponent whoever it may be. They are capable of levitation, telepathy and even mind control. While they might not sound like the most loveable, furry-like pokemon, they sure are pretty badass.

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