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For those who’ve taken a deep dive into the furry fandom, you might be able to take a guess at what a mursuit is but for those who cannot, we’re here to clear everything up.

What’s A Fursuit?

Before we jump into what a mursuit is, we’re going to be using the word “fursuit” a lot in this article so I think it’s important that everyone completely understands what a fursuit is. Fursuits are essentially custom made animal costumes typically of people’s fursonas for members of the fandom to wear. They will usually wear these to conventions to show off like any other cosplayer would.

A common misconception is that there is a sexual connotation to wearing a fursuit and we are here to say that this is not necessarily true at all. While yes, it can’t be denied that there are definitely people getting frisky in their fursuits, that is not the sole purpose of a fursuit, at its core, fursuits are just like any other cosplayers outfit, they are simply for a bit of fun. However, this ties perfectly into understanding what a mursuit is.

If you’re interested you can even check out our several other articles on fursuits and information on making your very own.

What’s The Difference Between A Fursuit & A Mursuit?

Now that everyone has a grasp on what a fursuit is, what on earth is a mursuit and how is it at all different? Wel, this is about to get a little explicit, but a mursuit is a fursuit that has had “alterations” made to it so that it is better suited for those aforementioned members of the fandom who like to get frisky in their suits. You can probably guess what these alterations entail, but if you haven’t got the greatest imagination, you can read this for a better idea.

Not A Mursuit, Just A Standard Fursuit

Image by AliExpress

From fursuit commissions to art commissions, Fursonafy has your back

How Do I Start Making A Fursona?

It’s probably worth noting that owning a mursuit isn’t some sort of a qualification for becoming a furry. An already small percentage of the fandom actually engage in sexual activity in their fursuits and an even smaller percentage actually own mursuits. There are a few reasons for this. For one, obviously fursuits and mursuits are not everyone’s kink so not many people own them. However, likely what is the main reason is how pricey a fursuit is let alone a custom mursuit. A quality fursuit can cost upwards of $3000 and to spend that in one go just to fulfill a fetish is not something the average person is willing to do.

Upper Half Of A Mursuit Typically Just Looks Like A Fursuit

Image via Reddit

When Do Furries Use These Mursuits?

You may be asking yourself right now that if most furries wear their fursuits at conventions, then where are these furries wearing their mursuits? I’m here to reassure you that these people aren’t wearing their mursuits to conventions, these suits are mostly reserved for more private situations. However, I say mostly because there are exclusive meetups for the more devious furries looking to get a little action and this is obviously a perfect opportunity to bust out the mursuit.

Contrary To Popular Belief, You Won’t Usually Find Mursuits Here

Image by The Business Journals

Where Can I Get A Mursuit?

If all this talk about mursuits has piqued your interest, you might be wondering where you can get your hands on a suit of your own. Not to worry, because there are plenty of places for you to browse. Below we’ve provided a list of options for you to look through.

This is probably the most popular option for people looking to get a mursuit of their own as Etsy allows the customer to stay in touch with creator which means that you can get exactly what you ask for. Also, it’s probably the most reliable thanks to its refund policies, making it one of your safest options.


This is a bit of an iffier pick but it is still worth a look as you can always find some diamonds in the rough. While furaffinity is an art sharing site, occasionally you can find people advertising other things apart from art, such as in this case: mursuits. The issue with this is that there is no security in your purchases as the site is not designed for it, meaning the site is more a way to get in touch with sellers than it is to actually buy from sellers who you can purchase from separately from the site.


Much like Furaffinity, this isn’t an extremely reliable option for those looking to buy fursuits but it’s definitely worth a shot. Mursuit makers are few and far between so sometimes you do just have to look for alternative options.

However, above all, your best bet is getting in contact with normal fursuit makers and asking them if they’d be comfortable making a mursuit. This way you know you’re speaking to a reliable source and the worst possible outcome is they just say no I wouldn’t and they may even refer you to someone who can help.

Inaccurate Portrayal Of How Much A Fursuit Will Cost

How Much Does A Mursuit Cost?

Mursuits will likely be around the same as a fursuit meaning it’s going to be in the ballpark of around $2000. Of course there are shortcuts and sacrifices in quality you can make to cut this price down, but if you’re looking for longevity in such an expensive purchase it’s not worth taking these shortcuts as they typically aren’t as durable or there’s errors with the suit.

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Jennifer is an ex-costume designer turned fursuit maker, better known by her fursona's name Xege Kheiru. Under this alias she has written extensively for the Fursonafy blog and many others on the topic of fursuit making and general information about the furry fandom.

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