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It’s no secret that the furry subculture is experiencing an explosive renaissance. With internet access opening up to a larger audience and digital communication becoming more intimate, online communities have been able to flourish in a way that would not have been possible previously. One of the most prominent examples of this phenomenon is known as ‘Furry’. Furry culture is a collective term for people who identify with animals A growing number of these individuals gather together in real spaces and virtually through meet-up groups and social media platforms, such as Instagram and Telegram. One of the largest conventions catering specifically to furry enthusiasts is called Biggest Little Fur Con (BLFC). For those who aren’t familiar with the subculture, it may seem strange or even creepy to dress up as an animal or spend time with others who do so. However, there are many reasons why people find value in doing so.

Why Do People Enjoy Being In The Furry Community?

The furry subculture is primarily driven by one concept: accepting and being comfortable with one’s desires. Yes, in a literal sense it’s not about that at all, but at its core, that is what keeps the furry community so tightly knit. People who are in the furry community may have an appreciation for cartoon animals, or they may just have an interest in fursuits and fursuiting. There is just such a wide breadth of things to invest yourself into in the fandom that it would be unfair of them not to be a welcoming community. The furry subculture provides a space where people who may feel repressed by society’s conceptions of sexuality and gender norms can let loose and be themselves. As the furry community has grown, more people are finding the language and terms to communicate their interests and desires. It may be the case that there is already a furry meet-up group near you. If not, there are many different ways to get involved with the furry community online. is the largest furry art website with a community of artists and fans from all over the world. There is also an active Traders Guild on the site, where you can find and purchase products from other members. Furry Amino is a social media platform that allows members to interact with one another and share their interests and desires.

Regardless, we’re here to discuss how you can make the most out of your time at the next Biggest Little Fur Con as well as some general housekeeping rules that you should follow just to make your time as enjoyable as possible.

Biggest Little Fur Con 2022

Photograph via Twitter

How To Make The Most Of BLFC

The first thing to keep in mind is that the convention is primarily intended for socializing. While there are vendors, talks, and panels, you should approach them like you would attending a meet-up group: just to interact with others and learn more about the subculture. Keep in mind that most furry conventions are 18+ events, so there may be content you’re not interested in seeing or hearing. If you are under 18, then you will not be allowed to attend. This doesn’t mean that there’s going to be mursuits and furry porn flying around left right and center but it just means that the event managers acknowledge that it may not be the perfect environment for a minor. There is no shame in being underage and being curious, but be respectful of the rules of the event. Make sure to bring water and snacks with you to stave off hunger and dehydration. If you’re attending the convention with a friend or significant other, make sure to check in with each other to stay safe and have fun.

Bring A Portable Charger

If you are going to be attending any event that requires you to be on your phone or computer for long periods of time (like any convention), be sure to bring a portable charger. Convention halls have notoriously terrible cell reception, and being able to keep your phone charged up to follow other attendees around the event and take photos is a must. You’ll be much less stressed out if your device isn’t about to die every five minutes.

Two Fursuiters At Biggest Little Fur Con

Photograph via This Is Reno

Don’t Be Afraid To Mingle

This might be the most important thing to take away from this post, but mingling is one of the most important and one of the most fun parts of furry conventions. We understand it can be terrifying having to speak to completely random strangers. Social anxiety and shyness are common in all subcultures but can be particularly prevalent in the furry community. If you are nervous about meeting other attendees, remember that the people you meet are just as nervous about meeting you. Furry conventions are a safe space for everyone to be themselves, and the people around you will appreciate your openness and welcoming attitude. Furry conventions are some of the only places in the world where you’ll probably meet other furries considering few there are and how much fewer of them are actually open about being a furry. So, take advantage of the meet-up groups and social media platforms to find people to visit with and explore the convention with.

Biggest Little Fur Con 2018

Photograph via kuhorifursuit.weebly

From fursuit commissions to art commissions, Fursonafy has your back

Be Conscious Of Your Body Language

Humans are incredibly reliant on nonverbal communication, but many of us don’t think about how we’re communicating with others. Take a moment to sit back and think about your posture: are you slumping over or squeezing up? Are your arms crossed or are they open? Are you looking around at the people around you or are you staring straight ahead? You’ll find that most of these habits fall into one of two categories: either you’re putting up a wall against the world, or you’re desperately trying to get attention from it. To put yourself in the middle ground between these two approaches, sit up with your back straight, keep your arms at your sides, and make eye contact with the people around you. This may sound like a random tangent but it’s extremely important especially if you are wearing a fursuit. People no longer have the ability to read your facial expressions or anything about you when you are wearing a suit and your speech can become muffled and hard to understand. Therefore, the way you carry yourself is one of the main indications of how approachable you come off as.

Be Conscious Of The Scents You’re Emitting

If you’re wearing a strong cologne or perfume, you may be putting off a scent that is overwhelming or uncomfortable for those around you. While you don’t want to be scentless, it’s best to apply fragrances sparingly and be mindful of how they may be affecting others. If you have severe allergies, you may also want to keep a travel-size antihistamine on hand to help with sniffling and itching. If you are wearing a fursuit, be mindful of scents that may come off of your costume. While many fursuits are cleaned regularly, some are not. Keep in mind that the convention hall may not have the best ventilation, so be mindful of the scents you may be emitting. If you notice that a part of your costume is coming off on someone else, apologize and take care of it as soon as possible.

However, this isn’t to suggest you shouldn’t be applying any sort of deodorant to mask natural body odors because, as mentioned before, a lot of the conventions may not have great ventilation and those suits can get pretty hot pretty fast. This means you’re going to be baking in that suit, marinating in your own sweat which as you could guess probably doesn’t smell good to anyone.

Biggest Little Fur Con 2015

Photograph via Medium

Take Care Of Your Feet And Shoes

If you’re going to be on your feet for a large amount of time, you’ll want to make sure that you’re taking care of your feet. You can do this by wearing comfortable shoes, keeping your toenails short and clean, and applying foot cream to your heels and other areas that may be prone to dryness. We’re not going to lie, standing around in a fursuit all day or even just standing around all day without the fursuit can get pretty tiring so it’s okay to sit down for a second just to rest your legs or take a break or whatever. Be mindful of where you’re walking and what you’re stepping in. If you’re wearing a fursuit that you’ve spent literally thousands of dollars on, the last thing you’d want is a piece of gum getting stuck within the fur of the suit that is just an absolute nightmare to get out. You’ll probably have to be extra careful if it happens to rain on the day of your attendance as it can become very easy to get mud on your suit. You may want to bring a pair of clean socks with you in case you end up stepping in something particularly gross. If you’re attending the masquerade, break in your shoes before the convention; you don’t want to be in pain while walking on stage.


The furry subculture is a unique and welcoming community, but it can be challenging to break into. We know that there are a lot of misconceptions and hate surrounding the fandom, so taking that big step can be quite daunting. However, if you just throw yourself into the deep end we are quite sure you’ll realize that most furries and even fursuiters are just normal people with a hobby like anyone else.

While many conventions have a larger population of younger attendees, BLFC is a convention that caters to the over-18 crowd. Even so, BLFC is a great place to meet people and get involved with the furry community. No matter who you are or what your interests are, there is a place for you in the furry community you just have to search in the right places.

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