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What Is More Fur Less?

More Fur Less is one of the biggest fursuit commissioning services in the world. Much like many fursuit commissioning services, it offers furries who cannot make a suit of their own a way to get their hands on a high-quality. Like us, they operate on a request/quote-based service in which before they jump into any arts and crafts, the customer and the fursuit maker clarify details such as dimensions, pricing, and what the suit will look like. If you’re looking to get a fursuit made, they’re definitely a reliable seller but let’s dive deeper into the service they offer.

More Fur Less Head With Adjustable Eyebrows

Image via More Fur Less

The Fursuit Process

When you first make your quote with More Fur Less, they’ll ask for a lengthy chunk of details about you. These details include your name, address, social media, height, weight, etc. However, they will also ask a series of questions about the type of suit you are looking to make. As of right now, they only offer plantigrade and digitigrade but this may change in the future.

Aside from a textbox that prompts you to give a detailed description of what exactly you want from your fursuit, there are a series of checkboxes that ask whether or not you want the following: adjustable ears, removable blush, a wig, piercing(s), additional airbrushing, large or chibi wings, additional padding, additional zippers,18+ options (mursuits), a variety of different paw pads, a variety of claws, and a variety of tail types and lengths.

Each part of the suit like the hands, the body, and the head have their own designated description box that requires you to give any additional notes about them that you may not have mentioned in your overall suit description.

Once all of these details are filled in, you are also required to give a project budget. This budget will obviously have to be a reasonable price because at the end of the day they are running a business and they are trying to make a profit. In fact, with a lot of fursuit makers, their prices are non-negotiable as they try to avoid customer taking advantage of their willingness to barter. They also offer the option to pay for the suit in installments or in its entirety depending on how baller you are feeling, most people pay for it in installments, however.

Once the quote request is sent off, you should expect to receive a response within at least three business days of your email being sent which is quite reasonable considering the number of requests they likely get on a daily basis. This response will include a non-binding estimated price based on your request and your budget as well as confirmation of whether or not they can even provide you with the product you are looking for.

Once all of these details are sorted, More Fur Less will begin to design your suit and will update you regularly on its progress. Depending on the complexity of your suit and how many people have ordered suits before you, the length of time it takes to make your suit can take anywhere between 6 months to a year. However, it’s possible for delivery time to even go over that as there are just so many variables that play into the time it takes to make a suit like supplies available, address of the customer, the details they want on the suit, etc. This isn’t exclusive to More Fur Less but is just generally how long it takes for fursuits to be made.

More Fur Less Partial Suit

Image via More Fur Less

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What Is More Fur Less’ Pricing Like?

Unlike a lot of fursuit commissioning services, More Fur Less does not disclose any average pricing anywhere on their site and this is likely because pricing is so heavily based on the nature of the suit that they are making that it fluctuates too much to give an average. They even say in their FAQ under the question “how much does a fursuit cost?” that “every fursuit we make is unique, and the final cost of any fursuit will depend on the scope of the fursuit”. If it’s anything like most fursuit makers, suits will cost anywhere between $3000 – $5000 because that’s just realistically how much money it costs to make a suit in terms of resources, effort, and time.

Are More Fur Less Suits Good Quality?

Of course, it’s hard to tell from just one suit how great the quality of a fursuit maker’s suits usually are but on the whole judging by user reviews around the internet, More Fur Less suits seem to be great quality but also have their slight cons.

A common compliment that you will see about More Fur Less suits is that they are very comfortable and very well-ventilated. These two things, aside from what the suit looks like, are almost crucial when getting a fursuit made. Fursuiters are potentially going to be wearing these suits for hours on end, so if they are uncomfortable, poorly ventilated, and therefore hard to breathe in, people aren’t going to want those suits. This is not to imply that the design of the suit is overshadowed as people have commented several times also on the great, expressive quality of the suits that they make.

However, their suits do not go without any criticism at all. The most common complaint about their suit is how baggy it is and how their suits are very suitable for shorter fursuiters because of how baggy they are. With this bagginess also comes a great weight from the suit, several people have also complained that More Fur Less suits are quite heavy and tiring to wear for hours at a time. Additionally, while this has nothing to do with the quality of the suits directly, they have also been known to miss deadlines sometimes which can be pretty frustrating when getting a fursuit can already take over a year at times.

Overall though, More Fur Less suits are great quality and the pros heavily outweigh the cons when it comes to value for money.

More Fur Less Digitigrade Suit

Image via More Fur Less

Some Of The Things More Fur Less Don’t Offer

As we mentioned before, More Fur Less suits are limited to either plantigrade or digitigrade, so, for the few fursuiters looking to get an unguligrade suit made you’ll have to look elsewhere. As well as this, to many people’s disappointment, More Fur Less does not offer protogen fursuits. This is likely because making a protogen fursuit requires not only knowledge of making a fursuit but also knowledge of circuitry and wiring that the average fursuit maker does not have. This is not uncommon however as some of the biggest fursuit makers in the world do not offer protogen fursuits and is something you’d have to go to a specialist protogen fursuit maker for. Aside from this, however, More Fur Less has a pretty wide breadth of different suits and suit accessories that can please any fursuiter.

More Fur Less Detachable Tongue

Image via More Fur Less

What Do They Do Apart From Fursuits? 

While they may not offer protogen suits or unguligrade suits, they offer an amazing variety of different accessories for your fursuit that go beyond just a frilly hat. For one, they offer adjustable eyebrows and detachable eyelids. Maybe your fursona isn’t in the greatest of moods and you want your suit to reflect that, these allow you to easily alter the expression of your fursuit whenever you please.

Additionally, you can order exchangeable tongues that connect inside the mouth via a velcro strap both inside the mouth and on the end of the tongue. You can even get these tongues in whatever color you want.

Maybe tongues and eyes aren’t your things, well fear not, because Made Fur You also offer adjustable ears for your fursuit. For those who don’t know, adjustable ears are ears that you can bend and manipulate a lot easier than normal fursuit ears so that you can do things like give your ears that cute little flop on one side.

Finally, as we mentioned before, Made Fur Less also offers a variety of piercings for your suit once it is finished. These piercings can essentially go anywhere on the head of the suit and are a great way to fill up any empty space on the head if you feel it’s lacking that special something.

How Much Do Fursuits Typically Cost?

Because it’s so hard to get a gauge of how much a Made Fur Less fursuit usually costs, it might be a little more helpful to understand how much a fursuit costs on average from sellers around the world. What transpires, if you look at any other sellers on Instagram, Twitter, or even sellers with their own sites, is that full fursuits usually cost within the ballpark of $3000 – $5000. They can, of course, cost less but at that point, you’ll definitely be sacrificing quality somewhere and when prices start to exceed $5000 it begins to enter the realm of excessive, if not overcharging for their service (depending on what you are asking for).

A Group Of Furries In Their More Fur Less Suits

Image via More Fur Less

Are There Alternatives To More Fur Less?

More Fur Less of course isn’t the only seller on the market and there are thousands of others you can find around the internet, some you may even prefer to More Fur Less.

Of course, the most popular of these sellers would have to be Lemonbrat who have a collective experience of about 60 years and are still pumping out suits. They probably offer the widest variety of items a fursuit store could offer, including onesies, backpacks, pillows, and more on top of their fursuit expertise. 

However, if you’re not looking to commission a fursuit for the cost of an arm and a leg, you can always buy a second-hand one from The Dealer’s Den which acts as a marketplace for fursuiters who are looking to sell their fursuits for one reason or another.

Even we offer fursuits now. You can start commissioning one with us by getting a quote from our fursuit page.

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